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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a day.

I'll go into further detail sometime after Friday. For now, let me share these two things with you...

Today has been a very stressful day. The kids had early release from school for one reason or another, and I had SO many things to do today, and I just didn't seem to be able to get them done without the girls adding a bit more stress to the day.

First, as I was walking our youngest daughter to the house from the bus, I asked our middle daughter to check the garbage cans. I asked her to bring them back up to the garage, if they were empty. Well, she apparently didn't hear me or misunderstood me, and in her zeal, she grabbed the garbage cans and away she went.

As I got the youngest in the front door, I turned around in time to see the garbage truck speeding down the street. As they neared the house, the guy riding on the back looked for cans, and seeing none he waved the driver on. I instantly realized that the middle daughter took our full cans to the garage. So I ran out to the street to catch them. I started yelling to get their attention, but I couldn't seem to yell over the noise of the truck. Just as they turned the corner off our street, the guy on the back saw me, but they drove on.

I was a little bit frustrated, and I got a little verbal when I went into the house. This caused the middle daughter to get upset thinking she'd done something wrong. So hubby said he'd take care of it and take the trash to work, if need be. Well, that sorta helped, so I told him I'd bag up any of the little stuff, if he could do me a favor really quick. He agreed, so middle daughter and I went out to bag up the trash. Low and behold, they'd come back! Granted, they only emptied 2 of the 3 cans, but I was thrilled! Plus it helped alleviate any guilt-ridden feelings our middle daughter was having.

However, my stress level continued to climb...

The youngest was in a bit of an antagonistic and contrary mood today.

She went in for new glasses a couple of weeks ago, and we picked them up this past weekend. She really needs to get used to wearing them, but she immediately takes them off and puts them away when she gets home from school. When she's been there the entire day, it doesn't bother me, but when she comes home early, I'd like her to wear them a few hours before taking them off.

She was having none of it. It's obvious that her teacher or one of the aides in her classroom either have reading glasses or need bifocals, because she kept wearing them on her head like a pair of sunglasses. So I'd tell her that she needed to wear them and ask her to please put them on right.

She'd pull them to the middle of her forehead.

Again, I'd ask, if she would put them where they belonged. To please put them down. So she would.

With one lens centered over her nose.

This went on for hours. Me asking/telling her she needed to wear her glasses. Her purposely playing like she didn't understand what I was asking. Being contrary.

And although it really was somewhat humorous, it wasn't really funny. My stress level the last few days has been at a level 37.45 on a scale of 1 to 10. Nothing's all that funny when you're stressed like that.

Oh. And adding to the stress? As of Friday, I'll be a mother-in-law. That somehow makes me feel really old.

Then again, it could be the stress. ;o)


  1. I'm sorry but I really did laugh out loud at the image of your daughter putting her glasses on her forehead and over her nose! ( :

    I do know how much the little things can be NOT funny when your stress is 37.45. Hopefully, after this weekend, things will even out for you.
    Don't worry, you will make a great mother-in-law! ( :

  2. Stress sucks.

    Glasses rock!

    I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you!


  3. If it's any consolation (and hopefully it will be closer to one after some sleep!), you have made quite a few folks laugh :)

    I agree; when the stress level is out the roof, there's not much that seems remotely humorous at the time!

    Here's to a better day! Well, okay, forget that, if you owe Uncle Sam. Maybe tomorrow....


  4. A MIL? Congrats!

    Hope the stress level goes down soon.

  5. Hey, I am a MIL as well and so far, it's been pretty good. No one is "good enough" for our little angels, but this one is pretty good!

    Have fun tomorrow!

  6. LOL! I hope she cooperated more later on... I know you will be a FAB MIL!


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