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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Of doctors and dentists and root canals and dogs.

So. I was supposed to go to the doctor today. Didn't happen. When they made the appointment yesterday, they asked, if I could come in 'tomorrow'. I said yes. Apparently, 'tomorrow' was supposed to be Friday, because the doctor I'll be seeing doesn't do morning appointments except on Fridays. I rescheduled for next week, because my hubby will be out of town for the weekend, and it's an appointment I don't want to go to alone.

Finished working in the kitchen in the kids' new house. I can't handle being there anymore, because of our old dog. I love the dog, don't get me wrong. But I developed a severe allergy to dogs sometime over the years, and we had to get rid of her as a result. We were just thrilled our daughter wanted her. Still. I need a break. I've been over there several days in a row, and my nose is running and I've got the whole sinus thing going on from being around her. Benadryl is in my present and my future for awhile.

Was very, very thankful for a surprise phone call this morning. It was my dentist's office saying they had a cancellation at 10 and offering the appointment to me. Since I missed my scheduled appointment last week through a comedy of errors, and I'm on antibiotics for an abscessed tooth, I was thrilled to get the call. Until I realized I had the above mentioned appointment today. When I called the doctor's office to see, if they'd gotten the paperwork from my doctor faxed in yet, they told me that my appointment was Friday and not Thursday. So I called the dentist's office back only to find that the appointment was still available. I showered quickly, dried my hair and got to the appointment right on time.

While I had a doctor's appointment today that ended up turning into a dental appointment, I was relieved. I had a spur of the moment root canal. I was surprised when the cotton swab with the topical anesthetic started hurting my tooth withing moments of being placed between the tooth and my cheek. Even though he'd already suspected I needed a root canal the sudden pain from the cotton swab confirmed it. I now have no pain in the tooth at all. My cheek is sore from the shots of numbing medication and from being stretched, so he could work on my tooth, but I'll take that over needing pain medicine from an abscessed tooth any day!

I will be catching up on blogs tomorrow and this weekend. I'm behind a few days. I'm also behind on laundry, so I'll be working on that as well. I also plan on making cookies or a cake with the girls over the weekend. I'm just praying things go well when they realize their daddy is gone for the weekend.

I have a feeling it's going to be a long 3 days.


  1. I so badly need to get to the dentist too, ugh, so hard when I find walking outside so hard.

    Good luck while your hubby is gone, I hope everyone is ok with it.


  2. Glad the root canal did the trick :)

    Regarding the allergies, you might try homeopathic drops or tablets (dissolved on or under the tongue) - they work GREAT! Sometimes the drops seem to work faster, but we've had good results with bioAllers (tablets). If you have a good health food store around, you might ask what they'd recommend; otherwise, check this -


  3. Yay for getting into the dentist! Cancellations can be wonderful. And the timing for it worked out well, considering that you "misunderstood" the meaning of tomorrow.... Seriously! Tomorrow means tomorrow. If it doesn't, then it's not tomorrow. (Or am I wrong? lol)

    I can't get into the website you gave me, but I'm going to google "non-allergic asthma". Thank you for that - as you can tell, I'd never heard of that.

    Have the kids moved into the house yet? If not, then when are they planning to?

  4. Glad the tooth is better , hope the weekend goes well

  5. My hubby had a root canal previously. He did fine, amazingly!

  6. UGH that is seriously my worst nightmare, a root canal, but I'm happy it made you feel better!!

  7. I just had two root canals and crowns put in ... its no fun, but the comfort in the mouth afterwards is just bliss isn't it!


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