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Monday, April 26, 2010

All that and red gingham shelf paper.

My t-shirt is splattered with little gray specks from cleaning the kids' cabinets in their new house today. The kitchen always seems to be the most neglected room in homes, and this was no exception. The grease and grime on the cabinet doors and drawer fronts was built up at least 1/8" of an inch. More in places.

They looked much cleaner once I was done with them, but cleaning them with a scrub brush took some of the finish off. They're all wood with just a little stain - they aren't sealed with anything. So I was able to spruce them up with some Old English Furniture Polish Scratch Cover. Love the stuff! The cabinets look new, and the kids are thrilled.

I ache all over. Not sure, if it's just from working on their kitchen, or if I'm coming down with something. Got sick to my stomach last night, so I guess it could be a stomach bug of some sort, too.

Found out today that I missed my dental appointment last week. They said they'd called with a reminder call, but it doesn't show up on my Caller ID. My name's been put on the wait list for cancellations, but if nobody cancels, I won't get in to be seen until the middle of June. I just hope this antibiotic kicks the infection, and it doesn't come back before I can get the tooth looked at.

Hoping to finish up in the kids' kitchen tomorrow, so I can concentrate on my own house!

Right now...I'm off to bed.

Tomorrow will come early enough without me waiting up to meet it.


  1. I'm curious what you used on the cabinets? I've struggled with kitchen cabinets--solid oak and stained--since we moved in, 11 yrs. ago. I've used everything and they are still "sticky" with residue. Every time I ask at the hardware store, they recommend Murphys or some kind of wood soap but it just makes the stickiness worse.
    Anyways, if you have any hints, email me or leave a comment on my blog!

    I hope the medicine works for your tooth! My dentist is the opposite with the reminder calls--they call at least 3x before the appointment and expect a call back to say "Yes, I will be there!". So annoying.

  2. I love Old English polish! Can make wood look almost new again. Hope you feel better soon!


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