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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Interrupted slumber.

A quick update on Bugster, Bubster and Frank. The paperwork was official enough that they can get Frank enrolled in school, so they've started the process. They really don't want him in the district they live in, because the schools there are pretty rough, so they're trying to get him in the one next to that. They'll find out in a couple of days, if the boundary waiver was accepted. If it is, they'll be ready. They already have the enrollment paperwork filled out and ready to go. Now it's just a waiting game. Thankfully, it shouldn't take too long.

We have got to get Hopper's room cleared out. It's holding a bunch of stuff that came from the main room downstairs when it flooded a little over a year ago. She and Scooter have been sharing Scooter's room all this time, and it's time they each have their own room again. Poor Hopper needs her space.

I'm not sure what set her off tonight, but she's been crying off and on for a couple of hours. She'd calm down for a few minutes, and I'd think she'd finally fallen asleep, and she'd start up again. She can't tell me what's wrong. Only that she has 'sad face'. She's exhausted but cant seem to relax enough to go to sleep. To say this is unusual is an understatement.

She is the Princess of Prolonged Repose.

She often sleeps 12 to 13 hours a day during the school year. And granted, the school year hasn't yet begun, but even during the summer 10 hours is about the least she sleeps. It's rare for her to be up past 8:00p.m., and here it is 10:30. Thankfully, she's no longer crying, but both girls are up now. They have eaten a snack and will be retiring again shortly. Tomorrow will likely be a long day for them.

Yep. They need their own space. And soon.


  1. Poor Hopper , and poor you .It must be so tough when you don't know what isbothering her ,maybe she doesn't really know either right now. Hope they get settled and you all have a good nights sleep

  2. I sure hope she can get some good sleep tonight! I'm sure it is frustrating for her to feel sad and not be able to communicate why.

  3. oy--sleep woes. both my kids are good sleepers too and it has me spoiled. when they're in rare form and up and whining, i just don't know what to do with myself.

  4. I think we all need our own space from time to time...


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