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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Melting children. Again.

I so wish I knew what the problem was.

Every time the hubster has gone for his run this summer it's resulted in a mini-meltdown. It's actually resulted in a couple of full grown meltdowns as well.

The last two nights before we left to come back home from our vacation, Hopper melted in the middle of the night. She and Scooter slept in a bed beside us. And for whatever reason, she started freaking out about her dad wearing his running pants to sleep in.

It's not that it's abnormal for him to wear running pants or sweats around the house when he's trying to relax before bed. She's seen him in them thousands and thousands of times. It's nothing new. Seriously. So why she decided to fixate on it during vacation is a mystery to both of us.

Two nights before we left, she saw that he was getting ready to change into them and go to bed. She flipped. She just kept screaming 'NO!' and crying. We didn't want to disturb anyone else, so he just put them aside until she fell asleep, and she fell into a fitful sleep. A few hours later, he picked them up again to go in the bathroom and change, and it woke her up. It was like she was just waiting for him to pick them up. She started flipping out and screaming and crying again. He decided to just sleep in his jeans.

The next morning, however, she was fine. She even got his shoes and his water bottle for him to help him get ready for his run. Then about 5 minutes before his run, she started crying again and saying "Opee it?" It's her way of asking, if she can open the door for him when he gets home from his run. He calls her his "opee it girl" which could probably be misconstrued by the wrong person. He's just saying it like she does, but it comes across like she's on drugs or something because of the pronunciation.

While he was gone, she cried off and on until he got back. We have no idea why it's happening. And the last night we were in town it was a repeat of the night before. I know that the vacation was tiring for everyone. Nobody ever gets as much sleep or as good sleep on vacation as they do at home. We know fatigue played a role. But it's happened since we've been home, too, and she's gotten plenty of rest.

So when the hubster decided to go for a run tonight, and she'd already gone to bed, he asked, if he should wake her up. I told him that I didn't think it was necessary. If she woke up, I'd explain that she was sleeping, and we didn't want to wake her up, because she needed her sleep.

Can you guess where I'm going with this?

That's right. She woke up about 30 minutes before he got home. Granted, the yelling hasn't been as loud, and the crying didn't last quite as long, but the obsession with opening the door for her dad was right there on the top of her list. Listed right after opening the door on her list was taking his shoes off. And when he came home, she asked, "Who is it?" when he knocked on the door and let him in. She then promptly took his shoes off. And yet she's still melting. It's exhausting for everyone.

I really wish I knew what the problem was.


  1. So sorry! That sounds really trying for all concerned!

  2. Forgive me if this turns up twice.

    Come on by when you have a moment to collect an award. A token of my appreciation.

  3. Oh poor girl it's so hard when we can't understand our kids. I hope tomorrow is a better day with fewer meltdown for both of us. Ashley had a few moments today .. she was itchy this afternoon.

  4. Poor thing, I hope she calms down soon. Hugs.

  5. Gosh, how frustrating!
    And you don't know where her anxiety is coming from? Would she do better if she could see where her dad goes for his run? Like, could you follow him in the car once so she could see where he goes. Then, next time she can visualize him running that same path?
    I really, truly have no idea what to tell you! ) :
    Hope it gets better soon!

  6. How frustrating and exhausting for all. Poor Hopper. Poor rest of you.

    I hope someone stumbles upon a reason/solution soon!


  7. How frustrating , for you and her ! Hope it resolves soon

  8. I was thesame when I was a kid but I cry whenever my Granny would leave because she often takes care of me and when she's out she'd be gone for months so as not to hear my cry maybe..but I don't know any other reason why--maybe your hopper is just a drama princess-like me.


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