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Friday, March 12, 2010

W-croak-t! W-croak-t!

My Woot won't work.

All that comes out is 'W-croak-t! W-croak-t!"

Our youngest find this rather amusing. Our middle daughter finds it rather unnerving, and although she laughs, she also is concerned that I've had laryngitis for the last 4 or 5 days now. Her worry manifests itself in whining.

But let's not go there. This is a happy post.

A happy post that didn't know, if it was going to start off as a happy post...

My hubby picked up a flash drive last night on his way home from work, and I transferred all the files needed with the claim onto it straight away when I woke up. Feeling rather good but unwilling to breathe until it was safely in the adjuster's hands, I waited.

Our adjuster is rather difficult to reach. It often takes him a couple of days to return our calls, and we've had many calls that have not been returned due to his extremely busy schedule. We always eventually got all our questions answered, and he's always been quick with helping us. Just not returning calls. Who knew that an insurance adjuster could be busy with all the broken pipes, house fires, burglaries, etc.?

At any rate, the hubster left him a message last night asking him to return his call first thing. Surprise! We didn't hear from him. So hubby placed a call to our agent this morning and asked advice. They told him to bring the flash drive to them, and they'd download it and email the file to our adjuster. So off the hubs went.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I waited with 'bated breath.

You knew it. It didn't work. The agent couldn't open the file on his computer. :::sigh::

So my darling husband went to Kinkos to see, if they could put into a pdf file and send it on it's way. The short answer: They normally can. But they couldn't in this case, because they couldn't figure out how to convert this particular office program into pdf.


So my better half called our agent on his way to work and asked what they would recommend. Apparently our adjuster returned the call they put in on our behalf. When told of our plight he put in a 30 day extension for us, so we wouldn't go past the one year deadline to file. It's on Monday. I still can't believe it's been a year...but I digress.

Our beautiful, talented, wonderful daughter happened to text to see, if I still needed help putting things back in order on the computer. (I did something last night to the toolbar and thought I was going to lose my mind!!) I told her that I didn't need her help, but she was welcome to come over and visit, anyway. I'm so glad she only works a couple miles from us. It's always such a blessing to get to see her. :)

Today, we were more than blessed...

She walked in as I was finishing the phone call with her dad. Neither of us had any idea of what to do, and the 'bated breath was sounding more like hyperventilation at this point. To say we were stressed was an understatement.

She asked what was going on, and of course I obliged by filling her in on the happenings of the day. She immediately knew how to fix the problem and went to work on it. We're ever so glad took that computer class in college! She said that the file just needed to be converted to a different format in order to be opened by another computer. Into a format that most computers recognize and not the original format the adjuster sent to us.

Within a matter of minutes (seemed like light seconds to this old fogey), she had the file converted and saved for us to put on the flash drive. But this meant we'd have to wait until Monday to drop it off, because the Mr. would have to bring the drive back home again.

We were one step closer, but I've been holding my breath for quite some time at this point, and I felt like I was going to pass out figuratively.

Well, leave it to our genius offspring to think of putting it on an SD card. You see, our insurance agent is a hop, skip and a jump from her job, and she said she could just drop it off on her way back from lunch, if the agent had a card reader. She called. He did. She left. I held my breath once again.

She called to let me know that it worked. Yay! She left the SD card at the agent's office, so he'd have it, if there were any problems sending the file to the adjuster. I am so glad she had such incredible parents to teach her how to think on her feet, I tell ya!

Not 20 minutes later, I got a call from our insurance agent. And although he could open the document on his computer, the file was entirely too big for him to send to the adjuster.

Imagine that.

So, he is going to mail the SD card (that he still had in his possession due to the daughter's quick thinking) to the adjuster when he leaves to go home for the day.

I feel like I'm breathing again.

I just wish my Woot wasn't broken. I want to do my Woot Woot dance!

W-croak-t! W-croak-t!


  1. Nothing's easy, is it?!?!? Yippee for the smart daughter and the computer class :)


  2. Whoot whooting here for ya! what a great gal your daughter!

  3. My son is my geek. What we do without them, huh?

    You're one step closer....


  4. I am so excited for you. You finally got it done and you can relax a day or so before jumping back in with both feet on the dehoarding thng.

    You need to rest so your bark can come back.



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