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Monday, March 29, 2010

I don't know how to title this. Doo da doo da day!

Got nothing done yesterday but getting my hair cut. I'm hoping it makes a difference with these huge knots that now comprise my shoulder.

Hung out with the family. Went shopping for dresses for our eldest's wedding. She's getting married in a couple of weeks at the courthouse. Then they're going to have an actual wedding a year from now when they're more set financially. We had fun. Didn't quite find the dress yet, but I'm sure she'll find something in time.

I am not sure, if it's just because my shoulders already hurt so much, or if it was all the noise or what, but the day was very stressful for me. The knots in my shoulders were double tied by the time we got done. I don't have any great fear of going out in public. At least I don't think I do. But it did feel like a heaping does of sensory overload. I guess I need to force myself out of the house a bit more often, so I get accustomed to being out in the fray again.

Hoping to get something accomplished today before going out with our oldest daughter again tonight to look at more dresses. I'm really hoping we can find one.

More than that, I'm looking forward to some alone time with our baby girl. :)


  1. I am not a big shopper ,ad to that the tensio already in your shoulders I can imagine you were done in at the end of it . Feel better soon .

  2. Shit. Blogger ate my comment.

    I said something like I use my MP3 player whenever possible to help me with sensory overload.

    How did you get your hair cut? Short? Lots different? Do you like it?

    Good luck with the dress shopping.

  3. Weddings are stressful no matter how happy everyone is about it! Once it is over have a glass of wine, chill and relax!

  4. Thanks Fern.

    Ami-I so wish an MP3 player would have helped, but it would have just added to the stress. I was doing ok for the first few minutes, but right as we were getting on the escalator, hubby's phone rang. It was our oldest getting ready to meet us. In the meantime, I'm doing everything I can to make sure our youngest got on the escalator (going down) without pulling me down or falling herself. Behind me was our very energetic and impulsive middle daughter getting on what she calls the 'elephant'. (She calls elevators elephants, too, but when we call them that, she gets corrects us by saying 'elephant!' again. LOL)

    At any rate, with one in front of me that could pull me down, one behind me that could potentially knock both me and her little sister down, and the hubby distracted with the phone call, my shoulders instantly tensed, and they didn't let go. So unfortunately, I think an MP3 player would have been enough to do me in right then. ;o)

    And then there's what Portia said. Weddings (no matter the size) are stressful!

    I'm doing better, and I'll survive. :)

  5. Oh..and the haircut...just a shorter bob than the one I had. :) And yes, I like it. It's so much more comfortable!!

  6. I want to see a picture of your hair!! YAY for new haircuts!! They can do a girl wonders!!


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