Compulsive hoarding is a mental disorder that is just beginning to be understood. As a hoarder, I have acquired things over the years with a specific purpose in mind at the time of the acquisition, used some of those items for their intended purposes, forgotten the goal for different objects, but now that I find that they have outlived their purpose in my life I am struggling to rid myself of those same things.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm done for the night.

The last few hours, I've been trying to stay calm. Hubby's out in this horrible snowstorm/blizzard that is hitting the area. Cars off in ditches all over the roadways, white-out conditions. Just not good. And I can't think worth a darn when I'm worried, so I'm done trying to make decisions on where things from the counter or table go tonight.

On a good note, I got 4 loads of laundry done today. I still have several loads to do, but I made a dent.

I also vacuumed the stairs which was no easy task. We have carpet in the basement for the first time ever. And while we have an upright to vacuum the carpet downstairs, my back can't take trying to use it on the stairs. So I had to use the canister vac to clean the stairs, and it probably took 30 minutes or more. It allowed me to get at least 30 minutes of cardio in today, so I'll take it.

And although I didn't finish the counter or the table, I'm about 90% finished with the countertop that has not been clear since Christmas '08. I'm horribly embarrassed to admit it's been that long.

My husband has finally made it home safely. It took him over 90 minutes to drive 28 miles. It's supposed to snow all day tomorrow, too. I'm so relieved we're all warm and safe at home.


  1. Oh thank goodness he got home safely!!

  2. I'm glad he's safe! That's pretty scary.

  3. glad he got home safely. Sounds like you are steadily moving forward, so whatever time it takes it takes.


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