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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

She's with me.

(Christmas 1994 Ages 1.5, 4, & 7)

This afternoon, I was on the phone when the PBS station went from Arthur, (our youngest's favorite show ever), to BBC World News. It's the driest type news ever, and it drives the girls nuts, so I switched it over to the CMT videos. I wasn't really paying attention to what was being played until a little girl in a special needs stroller appeared on the screen. She caught my eye, and I knew that I had to see what the song was. So I paused the station (I have to admit that I love our DVR and being able to pause live tv!), so I could watch the video when I got off the phone.

Collin Raye was singing about his granddaughter. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. The words completely summed up 1,000 conversations my husband and I have had over the years about our girls. I understand that many people don't like Country music, but I highly recommend everyone take the time to listen to the song. I think it will greatly touch your heart.

She's With Me by Collin Raye

She’s with me
I proudly tell the maitre de as we arrive
He seems surprised
In a clumsy moment as he looks for room, for her blessed chair
A table stares, and their eyes show only pity
as they try to sympathize
Oh, how difficult that must be, look away
Day after day, they’ll never see, the joy you bring
Only happy at the times I know that she’s with me

I wear it like a badge of honor at the mall
I hear her call, the only way that she is able with a cry
Time to go bye bye, she can’t say why
Maybe tired, maybe hurting, god I wish that I could tell
Do I ever make her happy for awhile
To see her smile, makes my week,
Though she can’t speak,
She let’s me know she feels my love when she’s with me

I know just what heaven looks like when I see that perfect face
For no other mortal heart could be so fair
I myself so weak and weary, so imperfect as a man
How could I be the one you chose to care for our girl
Never done a single deed to earn the right to share her light
Though it’s such a painful road we walk each day
Lord you have your ways, this I pray
On the day I stand before you, she’ll stand right by my side
When you look upon me, head hung down in shame
I’ll feel the blame, she’ll look at me,
And then she’ll speak, in that precious voice
Don’t worry ‘bout him my lord, cuz you see,
He’s with me


  1. Beautiful! I hadn't heard the song before , and the video was slow to load so thanks for posting the Lyrics

  2. Simply sweet! I'm not a country music fan but this song toughed my heart!

    Have a wonderful day, sweetie!!!

  3. I'm not a country fan either, well, mostly not. But sometimes I love a country song I hear... this one, for example.


    And the picture is cute, too.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to watch it or read the lyrics. :) And thanks, Ami. :) We're very blessed with our girls. :)

  5. What a cute picture of your girls!! What a beautiful song!! I'm totally shedding tears, which happens often. Good post.


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