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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby steps and all.

Taking a break right now and watching Biggest Loser. It's incredibly inspiring, and I desperately need inspiration to keep going on the treadmill. It kills my back especially after not having been on it for 2 years. In fact, I had to take pain medicine and a muscle relaxant when I was done walking tonight. I'm hoping that as I lose weight and build my core muscles my back pain will go away or at least lessen enough I don't need steroid shots anymore. Eventually, I'm likely going to need surgery, but there's no way they'll touch my back at this weight. I easily have over 100 pounds to lose.

So tonight, my second night on the treadmill, I did 15 minutes instead of only 10, and I increased the incline to 2 for part of the walk. It's not much at all. I used to be able to walk miles with no problem. In junior high and high school I was in track. I often ran the mile or two mile, and even though I wasn't the best, I did it. It will likely be awhile before I work up to a mile on the treadmill. The doctor has told me I need to only be on it for a few minutes at a time, so I don't overdo and hurt my back even more.

The main thing is that I need to be on it regularly.

I've at least started.

And at least we've put the treadmill in it's own separate room with other workout equipment, so it can't get covered with clothes, papers or books.

I will do this in spite of myself just as surely as I will finish the process of dehoarding the house. It will happen.

So now that I'm done with the pep talk I needed to give myself, onto other things.....

I was able to finish the last coat of paint on the majority of the bookshelf/entertainment center today. I will hopefully be able to finish it up completely tomorrow, so it can sit on the back porch to air out for a few days before we take it downstairs. I have well under half of it left. It is looking really nice. I'm pleased with it, but I'll tell you's a lot harder to paint bead board than it looks! The paint has to basically be forced down into the grooves. It doesn't go in willingly.

When I was done with the painting, I went downstairs to work on the outlets. We need to replace the outlets in the workout room and a couple in the family room. We also have to add spacers to some of the outlets, because they're recessed so far back into the walls. You see, the outlets in the outside walls in the basement are in concrete. And whoever put the paneling up on the walls likely did it, because the outlets would be recessed, if drywall was used. And since we chose drywall, we need to extend the boxes the outlets are in by at least an inch and a half.

I was able to get two of the outlets finished, but right as I was finishing up the 2nd outlet, the light went off. I think it overheated. It's a halogen treble light. So I guess I'll have to work on them during the daylight when I can see a little better without artificial help. I was going to work on replacing all the outlets in the workout room and the few I have to do in the family room, but I can't find the box of new outlets, either. We used them recently when we installed the ceiling fan in Scooter's room and replaced her outlets, but for the life of me I couldn't find them when I looked today. I'll look again tomorrow or go buy more. We have enough outlets that still need replaced that we'll use the ones in the box eventually anyway. I just want to get them finished.

I'll be going to bed early tonight, because the muscle relaxant is going to kick in hard and make me really sleepy soon, I'm sure. It's probably a good thing. I still need to get on that elusive schedule.

Instead. I sleep like a baby.

A few hours here.

A few hours there.


  1. Ah, but do you wake up yelling with wet pants?

  2. I hated the treadmill, I picked up an eliptical at a yard sale and it was the best thing ever for my joints and back. No jarring of the body and it stretches you as you work out. Keep it up! OHHHH...And that Jillian Michaels!?!? I often wonder if running back and forth to the fridge during the show could count as my last chance workout.-J

  3. Yay you for getting started! That is the hardest part. You will build up your time and endurance before too long, I'm sure. You know all about that since you ran track. I don't think I've ever ran 2 miles...or even a mile and a half. Isn't that pitiful? I call the treadmill the dreadmill, because I know what you mean. I'm trying to get on it a few times a week myself. On another note, thanks again for following my blog the other day! I'm glad to see your face in my GFC box. :)

  4. By the time you get done de-hoarding, you'll have completely renovate and decorate the entire house!

    I will be expecting pictures of all the different projects you've done, too!

  5. Way to get on! It's the first little bit that's the hardest, but every moment counts. Today, I was putting away my clothes, and instead of grouping everything together and then walking to the other side of the room, I was doing it one by one. It took longer, but I counted it as somewhat of an exercise hahaha.

  6. Way to go! I hate the treadmill but i love walking. :)

  7. Well done for starting on the exercise plan, if you can get into a routine and stick to it, it does get easier… Well that’s what I keep telling myself…..OK, exercise sucks but is a necessary evil….

  8. Yay for you and the work on the tread mill.I hate them , but I need to get onto some type of program too

  9. wow! you're doing so much! I'm really impressed.

  10. I LOVE Biggest Loser!! And there is a contestant from UT on there!! I have about 70 lbs myself to lose, so I'm right there with you! Way to go on getting so much done!!


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