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Friday, September 17, 2010

Truth in advertising. When 'odorless' isn't.

I'm one pooped pup tonight.

I didn't get as much done as I'd wanted, but I got enough done I feel okay with today.

Several years ago, there was a catalog store that went out of business in our town. They sold all of their display racks, light fixtures, and inventory for very reasonable prices during their going out of business sale. When I found out they were going out of business, checked it out to see, if there was anything that really caught my eye. There was one particular display rack that I wanted, if we could get it for a decent price.

It was a solid pine display rack that had once displayed Russ bears. The top part is an open hutch with one shelf that goes all the way across the width about halfway up the top section. There are several holes to either add more shelves or to adjust the one that was included. Right below the hutch is a drawer that goes across the width of the display unit. When opened up, the drawer is divided into 5 sections. Then under the drawer there is open storage with one fixed shelf halfway up.

It is rather large. I can't remember the measurements. It's been awhile since I've needed to check them. However, if I remember correctly, it's 4 feet wide or a little more and about 6 feet tall. We used it as a bookshelf and for game storage in our living room. We bought a couple of pine 1"x10" shelves and stained them to match to add to the hutch part of the unit. We kept pens and pencils in the drawer and added dividers in one of the compartments in the drawer to store batteries. It's just been such a great piece of furniture, especially considering the price. We paid $20 for it.

Several months ago, we took it downstairs, so we could get it painted and use it for an entertainment center in the family room. We figured it would be perfect to be able to store DVDs and any VHS movies we decide to keep. We'll set the television on the base and have the first shelf situated above it. It should look nice.

There's only one problem. It doesn't match the oak furniture we have downstairs. Plus, we always had to put some clear vinyl on it to keep glasses or water bottles from leaving water marks on it. The vinyl only worked so well, so there were also some minor water spots that made it look a little dingy. So we decided to paint it.

A couple of weeks ago, Hubster brought the pieces of the shelving unit outside to the porch, so I could work on them. I finally got around to it today. I sanded it thoroughly and then wiped it down well, so there wouldn't be any dust getting caught in the paint. I then primed it using some primer we had left from our renovation downstairs to get it ready to paint. And even though Kilz has an odorless option, it didn't smell odorless today. I still feel somewhat light headed from it.

I am thrilled that I finally got this started, though, and I got a fairly substantial start to it today. I'll be able to finish priming the areas I wasn't able to get to today, and I'll be able to hopefully get the first coat of paint on it this weekend as well. I'm hoping that I'll only have to do one or two coats of paint, since I primed it. It will be nice to not have to use coasters on it, because I'll be painting it with the oil-based paint. It will be a bright high gloss white. I think it will look nice.

The best part? It will be easier to see spiders with a death wish against the bright white paint!


  1. Your working so hard as always I'm so impressed. I like the new blog look I almost choose this one too very nice.

  2. Spiders are our friends.

    Trust me on this one.

  3. Sorry Ami. I have to trust myself on this one. :)

    We recently saw a black widow in the basement. The last thing we need is for one of the girls to get bit when the reach in to get a game or toy out! And they'll show up so well against the bright white. :D

  4. Black widows aren't spiders. They are evil incarnate.

    Wonder why Noah didn't step on them.


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