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Friday, September 24, 2010

Five Green Apples A Hangin' on The Tree.

The painting is finally finished on the bookshelf we'll be using for an entertainment center downstairs. There may be a couple of small areas that need touched up tomorrow, but there also might not be any areas needing touched up at all. It's good to know it's done. It will have to sit outside for a week or so to try to let the smell dissipate a bit before we bring it inside, but I'm so glad it's done. Now I'll be able to work on other paint projects in the coming weeks. I definitely need to take advantage of this beautiful weather that's expected to continue for some time.

My back is really bothering me. I'm thinking I may have overdone a little on the treadmill. I think I'll only get on it every other day until my body is used to working on it a bit better. Between the treadmill and standing on the concrete of the back porch to paint, I'm very much feeling the need for pain meds. I don't like needing pain meds, so I was glad when my husband thought of something while he was at work today that might help.

A year or so ago, the place my husband works was going to throw out some anti-fatigue/stress floor mats, because they'd replaced them with new ones. So he brought 3 of them home to put on the front stoop to help Scooter feel safe when she got off the bus in bad weather. She gets really tensed up, if her footing is even slightly compromised, and with her back totally fused, she can hurt herself so easily. But the weather is fantastic right now, so Scooter doesn't get tensed up when she's walking to the door.

After talking with me from work today, Hubster remembered the mats. He asked, if I thought they would help, if he put them on the back porch for me to stand on while I'm painting. I'm so glad he thought of it! It will absolutely make a huge difference in how my back feels, if I can stand on them while painting or working out there. He'll be moving them out tomorrow, so he doesn't disturb the paint while it's still wet on the bookcase. I should be completely done with painting projects by the time the bad weather and snow hits, so we'll be able to move them back up front by the time Scooter needs the stability.

Did I mention that I'm really glad he thought of it?

Worked on paperwork in the living room today. I made a small dent but a dent nonetheless. I'll take it.

We'll be picking apples off our apple tree this weekend. We have friends coming by who will be picking some and taking them home for their families, too. There are thousands of apples on the tree. They're not very big, but there are lots and lots of them, and they are so tasty. They're little green apples with a slight tartness to them. Some are starting to turn a bit yellow in places. We think they're Yellow Delicious apples, but we're not sure. They're more tart than I'd expect a Delicious apple to be, so I really don't know.

I think they'll make a good pie or two, though, so I'll try my hand at that in the next week or two. I'll probably make some apple butter, too. Or maybe apple sauce.

Something appley, anyway.


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  2. If you are trying to improve your core muscles I can highly recommend Yoga…

    Plus as a bonus there are so many opportunities for laughs

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    P.S well done to hubby, for all the bad press that we men can get he just proves we men can be thoughtful.....sometimes

  3. I hope the mats make a difference! I know my friend who does my hair stands on some while she is working and it helps her back. Kudos to the hub for remembering you had some!

  4. I have a pie crust recipe that people would kill for. Well, at least the people who've sampled the stuff I bake, anyway.
    But it's not a secret recipe, so if you want it, let me know.

    Also let me know when the pie is done, I will stop by and have some. You know I don't care what the house looks like.

  5. I like to slice the apples and pears very thin, then layer them with cranberries in between. Makes a fantastic pie. Enjoy! And now, I'm going to find something to eat... -J

  6. Lie to your treadmill. If there is an age setting on your treadmill state you are much older than you are.

    This way your treadmill will be much kinder to you. I've tried this and it works!

  7. Way to keep going! I want some applesauce, will you send me some?? ;)


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