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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just a stressful day in the neighborhood.

The Hubster helped me on the porch today. He helped me get the bookcase/entertainment center dry fit together. We won't put it together permanently until we take it downstairs, but I'm thrilled, because it gives me so much more room on the porch for other painting projects. I didn't get around to putting the last coat of paint on the pieces that needed it, but I should be able to tomorrow, and it won't matter that it's dry fit together. The last few places that need touched up are just on the face of the bookshelf and the drawer, so painting them will be a snap.

I am thrilled that we got even more of the porch emptied off today. The Hubster has a workout station he can use to do pull ups and dips and other such exercises. The thing is a monstrosity. It's huge. It stands 7 ft tall and takes up an area on the floor that's over 3.5 ft square. I've had to work around it on the porch, because he uses it several times a week, but it's really been a bit of a nightmare.

Well. Nightmare no more! We took it apart today, because there is no way we could have taken it downstairs in fewer pieces than we did. While it was apart, I used a bucket of hot, soapy water and a scrub brush and scrubbed every nook and cranny. It was pretty muddy and dusty from having lived on the back porch the better of 3 years. Surprisingly, we only saw 1 spider, but I'm sure there were more lurking in crevices. So while the individual pieces were laid across the clotheslines to dry, he sprayed the thing with bug spray to hopefully keep any spiders from coming in and making it home for the next 12 months or so.

Once it was dry, Hubster dragged it downstairs piece by piece and brought it into the workout room. It took some finagling to get the holes lined up to get the bolts back in, but we finally got the thing together. When we were done, he took the Ab Lounger out of the plastic it's been stored in for the last couple of years and put it in the only remaining floor space in the workout room. We will now be able to use all of the workout equipment we have, such as it is.

I'm thrilled. Seriously.

After doing the dishes this morning, I boiled the rest of a 10 pound bag of potatoes. Unfortunately, there were a few that had started to go bad, so they went into the compost bin. The other 7 pounds or so were boiled, peeled and either diced to use for breakfast burritos or made into a potato salad for tomorrow. It's really nice to have them out of the way. Besides. The tater salad tastes good. Looking forward to lunch tomorrow.

It doesn't sound like a lot was done, but we were busy all day long. I even got in a few crunches on the Ab Lounge and 15 minutes on the treadmill.

Oh. And we got the call from the appraiser. She'll be out on Tuesday.

I may just use that time to go get my expired driver's license renewed. It needs done before the refinancing happens anyway, and it would get me out of here, if my stress level gets too high.

It's already on the rise.


  1. Thanks for reminding me, I have to do that too. I have to go to the registry, not just do it on line this time. Now if I could only get a day off... -J

  2. sounds like a huge day! Hope the stress gets under control soon

  3. Wow! Moving Hubby's exercise equipment is a HUGE deal! And cleaning it, moving it to the exercise room and getting it out of the porch... wow! The porch will feel totally different now.

    I'm also impressed that he actually uses it, that it's not something to hang clothes on.

  4. I'm happy that he uses his workout equipment! And that you freed up some space on the porch!

  5. that's a very productive day. And now you can burn away some adrenaline and stress.


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