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Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to burn boiled eggs.

The refrigerator has been driving me crazy lately. I have been wanting to clean it thoroughly since before Christmas. And while there was nothing growing in there and it looked clean at a quick glance, I wanted to get into all the nooks and crannies and get it really clean. Every six weeks to two months or so, I tear it apart and thoroughly scrub it, but life happened, and I got behind.

One thing about this refrigerator that I really struggled with was that the glass shelf above the crisper drawers doesn't come apart from the frame. But some gunk had gotten between the frame and the glass, and I was bound and determined to get it out of there. Yuck! I can't stand that sort of thing! Thankfully, it's not like there's been food under there for years and years, (we've only had the fridge a little over 2 years, and I've kept it very clean), but it still grossed me out. So I started looking around and noticed that there was a little square plastic clip on the back two corners where the glass met the frame. 

I figured I'd pop them out, wash the glass and frame, and then put everything back together. Then...I broke one of the clips. 

My initial thought was one of very mild panic. Where would I get a replacement? In my mind, I started thinking of where to look for a new one. Do I maybe have something in my craft supplies that would work? If I found something, would I be able to find two, or would it bother me if they were mismatched? What about the hardware store? Would they have anything? Would I have to actually contact the manufacturer to get a new one? I wonder how much it would cost.

Then, I took a deep breath, assessed the situation, and considered my options.

I still had one clip in perfect condition. I could just use it on the one side. It wouldn't really show that there was only one, and I'd be the only one that knew about it unless I pointed it out to someone. I could try to replace it, but was it really worth the trouble? And then I realized there was another option that I would have never even considered a couple of years ago.

I could just... throw the clips away.


What a novel idea.

What would happen, if I threw them away? Well, I wouldn't have them anymore. But realistically, the world wouldn't come to an end. It wouldn't hurt me. It wouldn't hurt the refrigerator. In fact, there's a chance that the clips were put in there only for moving the refrigerator across country or from the appliance store to the home to keep the glass from falling out and breaking. But we aren't going to be moving the refrigerator anytime soon, except to clean under it. It's not going to be moved to the garage or downstairs or across town. It's staying right where it is.

It would be difficult for the girls to dislodge the glass, because of the way it fits into the frame, so that shouldn't be a problem. Even if Hubster or I put something in there in a hurry, it's still not going to move the shelf. It's secure. And if we sell the fridge, we can always just use tape to secure the glass. That's what we've done in the past, and the world didn't come to an end.

I did consider keeping the clip that was still intact, but I realized it would just take up room in the drawer, and it would possibly get broken in there anyway. Plus, by the time we would need it, I probably wouldn't be able to find it. So I threw them in the trash. Even the good one. 

I did hesitate for just a moment and felt my pulse quicken ever so slightly, as I tossed them in the trash. But I did toss them, and I didn't look back once they were gone. It was a relief to have made a decision and be totally comfortable with the decision I made. No second-guessing. No looking back. No self-criticism. Just relief.

So I finished cleaning out the refrigerator from top to bottom, and I'll work on the freezer later this week. My back couldn't take anymore stooping today, so it didn't get done, but I got quite a bit done in the kitchen that I'd been putting off. Got the dishes caught up and deep scrubbed the stove. I even checked the eggs in the fridge to make sure I only had fresh ones in there.

I put them in a gallon bucket of cold water and waited to see, if any floated. I took the three that floated, wrapped them in a grocery bag, tied it shut, and threw it in the trash. I dried off the ones that were the freshest and put them back in the egg container in the refrigerator. Then I took the 5 that were starting to bob in the water just a little bit and decided to boil them, so I could make potato salad. I put them on low heat and started making lunch.

I got the onions, peppers and cheese out and made quesadillas for lunch and sat down to eat with the family. We took our time eating, visited for awhile and just enjoyed one another's company. Then I went downstairs for about ten minutes to work on something, and when I came back up, I smelled something. I wasn't sure what it was. And suddenly it dawned on me that I'd left the eggs on the back burner on low! Sure enough. I'd boiled them dry. 

I added a bit of hot water out of the tap, and the pot and eggs were so hot that the water started boiling immediately. I was shocked it happened so quickly! After the eggs had cooled enough to peel, I decided to check one to see how bad they were. Sure enough, it was a dark, dark brown. I didn't even know it was possible until today, but now you know how to burn boiled eggs.

You're welcome.


  1. OMG! Your mind works like mine does. sighhhhhhhhh
    We are CHARACTERS! I shit you not!
    I can burn BOILED WATER too ;0)

  2. Wait.

    You're supposed to clean the fridge?


    There goes my spare time today. :)

  3. e learn something new every day! LOL I have never burned a boiled egg but I sure have come awfully close! Burned lots of other stuff though

  4. So glad you posted that tutorial, now I don't have to experiment with eggs to find the right way to burn them.

  5. Oh and LOVELY to come to one of my favorite blogs and not have to try to decipher the *&&^$^# word recognition!!

  6. If you could have been a bit more patience you could have had the pleasure of cleaning up exploded eggs off every surface of your I have done at least 3 times . Ruins the pans though, so not nearly as much fun as it sounds . (I now set a timer whenever any thing goes on my stove . )

  7. Pat-I actually boiled the tea kettle dry when I was in high school. I'd started it before my shower, so I could have a cup of hot chocolate when I got done. Instead, the tea kettle had melted onto the burner!!

    No. Julianna. You're supposed to train your kids to clean it out, so you don't have to! ;D

    I've burned more than my fair share of things too, Fern. More than I'd like to admit. LOL

    Ami..I know, right? Maybe I should have added pictures. You know. Just so there would be no question about how to accomplish this feat.

    I'm SO glad I caught them before the blew up, Krex!! I normally don't leave the kitchen when I've got something on the stove. I guess I just figured I'd be going right back in there, so I didn't give it another thought.

    Hopefully, it won't happen again. LOL

  8. Yes! I'm not the only one! Except I've burnt boiled eggs three times.

    I'm surprised I haven't burnt the house down yet. I have a tendency to forget things on the stove if I leave the kitchen.

    Some things taste better burnt. Eggs aren't one of them.

  9. Good post. After years of experimentation I finally worked out how to get consistently good results when boiling eggs


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