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Monday, February 20, 2012

Goodness gracious!

I am beat tonight.

I didn't sleep as well as I could have last night. I slept wrong and woke up with pain in my hip. I did what I could to stay active today, so I wouldn't feel stoved up, but I'm enjoying my heating pad for awhile before I go to bed. I'm hoping this thing will work it's way out of my lower back and hip, so I can function better tomorrow.

I was compelled to work in our closet today. It was driving me crazy. It's just a tiny little closet that measures about 4x6 or so. The clothes hang on the smaller sides of the closet, so it's technically a walk-in closet, but it's more like a 'walk in and turn around' closet. Thankfully, neither of us have many clothes, so even though it's cramped it works for us. However, the shelves don't work so well.

There's a shelve that goes in a U shape starting from the edge of the closet, down the length of the 4ft wall, across the back of the 6ft wall, and then ending up at the front edge of the closet again on the opposite 4ft wall. It helps. I mean, it does give us more space for storage, but it's also a bit of a pain. It feels like there's a lot of wasted space above the shelves, since the space goes straight up 2ft, and today I changed that.

When we replaced our refrigerator in the Fall of 2010, we had to rip out the cabinets above the refrigerator and stove, because the fridge wouldn't fit under them. We made a set of pine cubbies to hold baskets to go over the refrigerator, but they were so warped we couldn't use them there. We put them down in the workout room thinking we'd use them there, but they just didn't hold enough for them to do any good.

Hubster brought them upstairs Saturday, and they've been sitting in the hallway ever since. We weren't sure, if we were going to put them in the garage or what. Then I thought of that space above the shelf in our our closet. These would be perfect! I measured, and they would fit in there just right. So after Hubby went to work, I got them wiped down and took them into the closet to see how well they would work.

You know what's coming, don't you?

Yeah. They wouldn't fit.

Well, technically, they were the right size, but I couldn't get the thing up past the closet bar. The cubbies were too long. So I brought them back out to the living room, grabbed the circular saw, and removed the last cubby, so they'd fit. Sort of. I did remove the cubby, but the circular saw got hung up on a knot in the wood, so I had to switch to the jigsaw to finish up the last few inches. It worked like a charm, and I was able to get the cubbies put on the long shelf in the closet.

I can't get over how much better it is! No wasted space! I was able to get stuff that was being stored on the floor up on top of the cubbies, and I was able to sort the stuff that had been on the shelves into the cubbies a bit better. I took the part that I'd cut off and placed it on the shelf above my clothes. It completely takes away the empty and wasted space, and I'm thrilled. 

It spent a couple hours in the closet getting things straightened up, vacuumed out and organized. I didn't get to the rest of the bedroom. I'll work on my side in the next few days, and I'll leave Hubby's side for him to worry about. It will be nice having things cleared out again, because it's getting a bit cluttered in there again. Hubster is looking forward to being able to transfer his books and a few other things down to the workout room/library. It's so cool that he finally has his own space, and I'm so excited for him. I'm pretty happy that it's going to make it a lot easier to keep our bedroom clean without the extra stuff in there, too.

So the end of my very productive 4 day weekend comes to a close, and I need to get to bed. 

5:45a.m. comes way too early...

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  1. My you've been busy! Despite all the set backs, you just kept at it. Proud of you!


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