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Friday, June 4, 2010

Hot. Cold. I wish I'd make up my mind!

What a day today has been. I feel like I got nothing accomplished at all.

It is too hot for the beginning of June. We had record or near record highs today. Regardless, heat in the 90° plus range is just too hot for the first few days of June. July I can see. August and even September I can see. Shoot. I can even see temps in the 90s for the middle or end of June. Just not quite this early.

The heat made quick work of our little window air conditioning units. They just kept popping the breakers. Over. And. Over. Again. I finally left the one off completely and replaced the outlet. I'll be replacing the outlets that are on the rest of the circuit tomorrow hoping that will help. It was just stifling today even with the fans going. I know to a lot of people 83° inside they're house doesn't seem that hot but shoot. We just had snow a couple of weeks ago! It's just hard to think that it was still actually cooler in the house than it was outside at the time.

The breaker blowing also kept me from being on the computer at all. I finally thought of plugging the power strip for the computer into an extension cord that wasn't on the same circuit. I finally had access to the computer around 10:00 tonight. And both window units are set on 69° to try to get the house cooled off. It's slow going, but it's working. Hopefully, we can get it cool enough in here tonight that it will stay cooler tomorrow when it gets so hot.

When I finally got the one air conditioner to stay on in the bedroom, I took advantage of the cool and cleaned out my armoire. I've been putting it off for months, and I'd even started it a few time to finally just throw everything back in and shut the doors. It was a little victory, but one I'll take, since I didn't have many today.

Tomorrow the hubster and the son-in-law are going to get the pair of mammoth trees cut up and out of the backyard. The new chippers will be put to use, and it will be so nice to have the backyard cleared and have plenty of mulch to put in the flower gardens to get the weeds under control. I'm sure the garden plants will appreciate the extra sun, too. I think they've grown a good 2" this last week since they've had more access to the sun.

Right now I'm freezing. I've got my thermal underwear shirt on with a blanket over my head. I'm sitting in the same room as the air conditioner that kept popping me off the computer, and the air conditioner seems to be working quite well right now. But I forgot to dry my hair after my shower tonight, and I'm just aching from getting so cold as a result, so I'm going to go relax with my trusty heating pad for a bit before crawling into bed.

That just sound yummy!


  1. Sounds like you are still fighting a bug. Boy I hope you are on the mend soon

  2. Hope you get the a/c thing figured out. That happened a lot at our old house (where we lived for 10 years) and we had to replace the electric panel.

  3. My internal temperature regulator is all messed up from the migraine/migraine meds.

    But I can't believe you had snow two weeks ago and it's 90 now... except of course that I used to live in Colorado, too.

    Here's hoping for a happy medium for you soon!


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