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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yep. Come here for the latest fashion news. Uh huh. Oh yeah.

So. The other day I got an interesting email. This email to be exact:

Hi there blogger!

Just visited your "Confessions of a Closet Hoarder" blog and I was super impressed by its design and content. We just opened up our site ******** for beta testing. It's a place for people to have discussions, share tips, and ask questions about fashion. Currently, memberships are by invitation only and I would love to have you on it! Use this invitation link to sign up if you're interested: (Link removed, because I'm not giving them any free advertising).

And we would love to hear your feedback.


When I got the email, I read it on my cellphone, because I hadn't been on the computer yet. In fact, I just remembered to look at it again in my inbox, because I haven't even checked my email in days except on the phone. So anyway. I read it on my cell phone, and I was slightly flattered that I'd been invited to join this site as a blogger. Then I read it again.

And I have to say I burst out laughing. The first thought that went through my mind was, "Yeah. Because what says FASHION more than hoarding?" Seriously. What is up with these people?

I don't think anyone from this outfit visited my blog at all. I think they probably found my blog name from a different source and decided to spam my inbox with an 'invite'. I didn't click on the link. I looked them up on swagbucks instead. I wasn't really impressed, but it's because I honestly have a bit more going on in my life than wondering about fashion right now.

That probably doesn't sound all that nice. I have no problem with people being interested in fashion. I don't. But it just isn't the be all end all in my life. Shoot. I haven't worn makeup in over 20 years. I'm sure it's been at least that long if not longer since I've looked fashionable, too. And you know? I'm okay with that. Really.

Anyone who has read my blog knows that this is the first time fashion has even been mentioned. It's also probably the last. At least as far as I'm concerned. I may comment from time to time about Scooter's or Hopper's fashions, but definitely not my own.

Who knows? Maybe they got the idea I was into fashion, because I mention doing laundry a lot.

Yeah! That's the ticket!


  1. While I do think you have a content entertaining and enjoyable blog, I thought I'd let you know that that's a spammer comment.

  2. I have had a couple of those as well , you gotta wonder why they bother . Your blog is great and I love it , but nope I don't come here for fashion advice actually if you see the way I look most days ,it is clear I don't go anywhere for fashion advice lol

  3. What?! You're not all about fashion?

    I'm outta here!


  4. I'd like to know which pants to wear so my butt doesn't look so...well, big.

  5. must have something to do with "closet" in your title. those Spammers need to do more homework


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