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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I discovered something today.

It is really, really hard to blow up a balloon after you've visited the dentist. Well. Not necessarily if you just visit the dentist. But trying to blow up a balloon when only half your mouth works, because you look like you have Bells Palsy from the numbing agents injected into your cheek and mouth? Yeah. That's hard. I ended up having to put a finger along the side of my mouth to make a tight enough seal that I could blow the balloon up. Yeah. That was embarrassing. But funny. I laughed.

My mouth is a bit sore where he gave me the shots, but I had more than the normal amount again. He was getting 2 teeth ready for their crowns. I had root canals done on these 2 teeth a couple years ago. But get this. Root canals leave the teeth with no feeling, as the nerves/roots have been removed. However, after the first course of shots, I could feel pain. So he gave me a second course. Once again, I could feel pain. So he ended up giving me an entirely different deadening agent, and it worked. It also totally numbed my left ear and my nose completely, and my mouth didn't work for several hours, but at least I could no longer feel anything.

There's just something about the way the nerves run in my face. It's genetic, I think, because several in my family have the same issues. In fact, one brother refuses any sort of deadening when he has to go to the dentist. It just makes his face numb, but it never seems to reach the nerve that is attached to the tooth that needs to be deadened. At least I know I'm not alone.

I finished the meese pinata today. Why is the plural of moose moose when the plural of goose is geese? I personally like 'meese', so I shall henceforce refer to plural moose as 'meese'. So. I finished the meese pinata for the most part. I still have to do the finishing touches and fill it with copious amounts of candy. Like probably 10 pounds of candy. We fill our pinatas well.

I did send a couple of people pictures of the meese as they look right now with only nostrils, ears and antlers. I don't want to post the pictures here until I'm finished with it though. I still have to attach eyes, eyebrows (bushy ones for the groom), long fake eyelashes for the bride, a top hat and bow tie for the boy and a veil and a string of pearls for the girl. When I'm done with all that, I'll post pictures. Right now, they're sitting in front of the fan trying to dry out.

Speaking of fans. It's hot today again. Not quite as sweltering as it's been, but that's okay. We'll get that tomorrow. We'll also get dedicated outlets for the air conditioners tomorrow, so they won't keep popping the breakers! That is going to be so nice! The electrician will be here in the early afternoon. Hubby will be running the line in the attic to help keep the costs down.

I'm really, really hoping that hubby can maybe install the junction box in the girls' room, so we can get the ceiling fan installed that we bought for there a few years ago. That would really help with keeping the house cooler, too. Besides, it has butterflies on it, and you can't go wrong with butterflies. Right? At any rate, I'm really hoping we can get it installed this weekend, if not tomorrow.

We also really need something to keep heat out of the kitchen window now that the tree is gone. I've got some ideas that I'm kicking around. If I can get a roller shade wide enough for the window, I could line it with a space blanket to reflect the light back outside. I'm thinking it might be the most affordable way to do things, but it depends on whether or not I can get the right size. I could trim it, if it was too big for the window. I just don't really care to put two side by side, if I can't find one wide enough. I'll be looking into this option for sure.

Well. It's that time again. Time for me to do something. Sleep, I think is what it is, although my memory is sort of fried in this heat.

I'm sure it will come to me soon enou


  1. I'm so glad your lips aren't flapping anymore.


    Looking forward to seeing the finished products.

  2. There was a woman on America's Funniest Home Videos that won $10,000 for video taping herself when she got home from the dentist and couldn't talk.... Go figure...
    Good Luck with the outlets, I hope it all goes well!

  3. I always take forever to freeze then forever to get the feeling back , but I seem determined to try to drink a coffee while my face is still numb, usually looks like I am trying to absorb it through my clothing!

  4. LOL Ami.

    Tiffany, I saw that! And my mouth looked just like hers, but I wasn't acting drunk. I wonder why she seemed drunk at the time.

    Fern...that's quite the humorous picture! :)


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