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Saturday, June 5, 2010


I'm tired tonight. Too tired to bore you with details of where I hurt.

The Bugster and her husband offered to watch Hopper and Scooter for us today and have them sleep over at their house, so we could have some time to get things done that are harder to get done when the girls are around. We gladly accepted the offer.

We worked for a couple of hours on the trees before our son-in-law made it over to help out. After he got here, we worked another 3 hours or so. We're still not done. However, I think we got 85 to 90% of the tree cut up or put through the wood chipper. We just had to stop. It was starting to get dark, and we just couldn't even move anymore. It's exhausting work, but we feel so good about getting so much of it finished. What's left to do we can easily do on our own, and we can just do a little at a time, or we can do it all at once. Either way, we'll get 'er done.

Looking at one of the logs from the tree that was closest to the bitter widow next door today made us very grateful we'd gotten the trees down. We noticed that right where the tree branched into two main branches that it had begun to split. The crack or split or whatever you want to call it was at least 18" long, and it was obvious it had been there for awhile. If we'd have gotten a really good wind that blew in just the right direction, the tree likely would have taken out part of her house. Yep. Very, very glad we got it down!

Besides working on the tree, I got 7 loads of laundry done, with 5 of them drying outside in the sunshine! Mmmm. Love the smell of clothes dried out on the clothesline. Especially sheets. And most of the laundry was the girls' bedding. It will smell so good in their room when we go in to tuck them into bed when they get home!

I also got the holes in the headboards all filled in, so now I can work on sanding, priming and painting them. And the people we bought the headboards from? Yeah. I hope they reprimanded their children. Destructive little things.

Taking the day off tomorrow to spend with my wonderful husband. We've earned a day of rest after today! I'll try to catch up with all of you Monday. In the meantime, enjoy your Sunday!


  1. You deserve a few days of of rest after all that. Your working really hard good for you. I've been busy playing and having fun compared to your day.

  2. Wow, all I did was two loads of laundry, play on the computer and read a book.

    But my excuse is that I have a cold.


    I am SO very glad that nothing fell on TBW's house.

    Because that would really suck.

  3. Enjoy a much needed/deserved break!

  4. I love nothing better than to see clothes drying on a line... If I did that here tha heat would turn everything to cardboard ;0)

  5. You really got a lot done! I was a sloth yesterday. (and I have no excuse!)

  6. I have never been more exhausted than when I work around the house. Good job!

  7. The laundry never ends at my house and I'm never caught up because we're always wearing clothes.


  8. I am impressed!! Way to go! I think yard work is DRAINING! You totally deserve a day of rest, enjoy!


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