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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bummer. I missed a post.

I supposed I didn't technically miss writing a post. I just technically missed posting, because after I fought my phone to get my post ready last night, the cursor froze, and when I tried to publish the post it was erased instead. How frustrating! I was just too darn tired to try and type it up again.

We've all had fun. Lots of fun. But we've kept insane hours and everyone is absolutely exhausted. It's finally hitting Hopper pretty good this afternoon. In the craziness that was last night we forgot to give the girls their theanine. It's very apparent today.

Hopper has been having a rough time with her dad's desire to go running today. This happens fairly frequently at home, but it hasn't happened nearly as often since we started her on the Theanine. She has these meltdowns that are so incredibly frustrating, because there's nothing we can seem to do to stop them or prevent them.

Every 3 to 10 seconds during the course of the meltdown, Hopper asks, if she can 'opi it' (open it). It doesn't seem to matter how often either my husband or myself answer her 'yes', she can't seem to stop fixating on it. Within a few minutes, she is in the middle of a meltdown feeling very much misunderstood, even though we repeat exactly what she says back to her, and she agrees that we have understood what she wants.

Once the hubster takes off on his run, the sobbing tends to stop, but the question of "Done. Opi it?" lasts awhile longer. However, it's not stopping quite as easily this time. I'm not sure what the problem is. I do know it's exhausting for everyone involved. I so wish I knew what to do. Hopefully tonight's dose of theanine and some extra sleep will get things back on track.

I do know that part of her problem is anxiety. No doubt about that at all. She said goodbye to Bugster today when the newlyweds started out to drive back home. It's the first time her sister has left earlier than her to return home from vacation. She also has had to say goodbye to several cousins, aunts and uncles over the course of the last few days, and it's just been a bit much. Just when she starts to get to relax and spend sometime with family, they have to leave. It's heartbreaking, and i really wish we lived closer to family, so she wouldn't have to go through this each time.

The other thing was pretty major. The town the hubster and I grew up in had a tornado hit it in the last week. It was pretty major. We weren't anywhere near it when it happened, and we were in fact about 50 miles away. In spite of this, it's been a bit overwhelming to hear about the storm and see the devastation. She's always been very interested in the weather and often gives us her own version of a weather report, but this was a bit over the top.

So. That's what's been going on in my neck of the woods. Hoping for a little more sanity in the next few days! Hope things are on the saner side for the rest of you!


  1. You have a lot going on. Amazing that you managed a post at all.

    Hope things smooth out a bit for your girl.

  2. Oh man, I hate when you computer freezes after you take the time to write something!

    And I hope everyone you know back in your home town is safe!

  3. Glad to hear you had a great time with family.. I hope tomorrow everyone is better rested and back to themselves. We are planning a little trip to the east coast walk in the sand at the atlantic ocean. I'm not sure how Ashley is going to manage the long drive but I'm more worried about her baby brother. He more likely to make more of a fuss. I bet your happy to be home with your computer and comfortable keyborad.

  4. I've been "gone" for a bit, I'm not sure where you are but sounds like you are on a family reunion/vacation?

    I hope you're having some fun and that your girl's anxiety levels go down a bit. That's no fun!

  5. Ok..just an've missed a BUNCH of posts...just sayin...;P

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  7. OK let me try again! The typo monster came by and ruined my last post! Was saying that you missed a lot more than one post! :)

    Sure hope you are having a great time and have a safe trip back home!


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