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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I'm under attack.

Yesterday we turned the air conditioners for awhile in the afternoon, because it was just a bit too warm not to. Granted, they didn't get the workout they'd have gotten, if it had been 100°, but they still got a bit of a workout. But it was also the first time that we got an idea of how much of a difference the roller shade made in keeping the house cool.

Normally the kitchen/dining room area of the house are fairly warm compared to the rest of the house. And the bathroom right next door that also has a west facing window is usually a little bit warmer than the kitchen. When I walked into the bathroom yesterday when the house was at it's warmest, it was at least 15 degrees warmer than the kitchen.-

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Our apologies. We interrupt this post due to a big fat hairy speedy spider crashing our mellow otherwise known as running across our desk, falling onto our keyboard, trying to hide under our keyboard to eat us at a later date and then falling quickly to the floor when we accidentally knocked the entire keyboard tray out of the desk and onto the ground knocking 3 keys out of the keyboard. Again. Our apologies. Including referring to ourselves in the plural and not erasing what our keyboard decided was a good thing to type when we had no control over it.

Now. Back to your regularly scheduled post:

Shoot. I've totally forgotten where I was going with this. I guess I'll just leave it at the fact that I noticed a huge difference in the temperature inside the house with the roller shade in the window. We'll likely be getting one for the bathroom, too.

I just hope I don't see speedy black hairy spiders when I close my eyes to go to bed tonight.



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