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Friday, October 8, 2010

Fifteen hours of sleep and a nekkid headboard.

I was a little off on my timing yesterday afternoon when I posted that I started the post a bit after 3:00 and would be in bed by 5:00. The clock on my computer was off, so it was actually after 4:00 when I wrote my post, and I was a little late getting into bed, but I was asleep by 5:35. Out. Cold.

Aside from waking up to use the restroom, I slept through until this morning when the alarm went off shortly after 5:00 to get the girls ready for school. I didn't actually get out of bed until 5:25, though. I had a really hard time getting up. Once the girls were off to school, I sat on my heating pad for a few minutes while The Hubster was off on his run. When he got back a couple hours later, he woke me up and asked, if I wanted to go to bed. I remember looking at the clock around 7:40, but that's the last thing I remembered before he came home. I ended up going back to bed for awhile, and I didn't wake up until 11:00.

My body obviously needed the sleep.

And while I'm not as sleepy tonight as I was last night, I am tired. I'm sure I'll sleep just fine tonight. I decided not to take the new pain medicine today. Just in case it was the cause for the fatigue, I figured I'd let it get completely out of my system before I try it again. If it happens again, I'll know I need to stay away from it. I really can't afford to be sleeping 15 hours a day when I have so much that needs to be done!

Speaking of things needing done...I'm almost finished with my painting. I painted for several
hours today, and I'm thrilled to have gotten so much done. While I gave myself until next weekend to finish everything up, I think I'll be done before then. Yay!

I took pictures of the headboard while it was still nekkid and then after I got the first coat of paint on it (after the 2 coats of primer had dried). I love it. The paint totally changed the look of the headboard! I think it looks almost elegant now.

I finished painting the bookshelf/entertainment center awhile back. It's in the left of this picture but facing forward. I just have to add the black knobs between the black lines on the drawer. The dresser that's on the workbench is done except for the black I'll be adding to it.

This is the top of the dresser. It might be sort of hard to see the squares, but I'll be painting every other one of them black tomorrow for a bit of a checkerboard look. Then, I'll be painting the feet black, too.

Once I'm done with that, I'll be adding the hutch to the top of it. It's the one on the right in this picture below the writing. There's a drawer that goes in the bottom, but I realized I really need to paint the inside of the drawer. It's too dark. In fact, the entire inside of the hutch was that dark stain before I started painting it. It would have been such a nifty place for spiders with a death wish to hide, but this way, I can find them more easily to help them on their way to find their Maker.

This last picture shows what I have left to paint over the next few days. I should be able to get it all primed with 2 coats tomorrow and possibly get the first coat of paint on it before I'm done with them for the day. The little garden gates go on the bottom shelf of the book case that's to the left in the last picture before this one. It will go in Scooter's room. Then the drawer, which is all the way in the back behind everything else in the picture, and the door frames that are in the front will go on the hutch that's in the right of the picture above. I'll be putting fabric panels up inside it instead of windows. And the last stuff I'm going to paint is doll furniture that Bugster used and doesn't want anymore. I'll be painting them for Scooter to use with her babies.

I'm thrilled I'm nearing an end to all the painting with the oil based paint. I love how it looks when it's all done. I just don't care for the smell. Once all of these are done and out of the way, I'll work on painting the four doors we bought for downstairs. They're all in varying states of paint at this point, so it shouldn't take too long.



  1. That's a lot of painting! Everything looks great! I like the black and white theme.

  2. I love white! My bedroom furniture and tv stand are white. And my kitchen cupboards got painted white, also. Seeing the headboard's before and afters just reinforce my love for white.

    You do realize that I expect to see the finished products, right? With the black and white - ooohh... they are going to look SO sharp!

    I'm also glad to read that you got 15 hours of sleep. You obviously needed it, and it's good to see that you took it, instead of fighting it.

    I'm also glad to see your pictures not line up. That irks me, so I'm glad someone else has trouble with blogger's pictures. lol

  3. It really does look nice.
    Looking forward to seeing it all done, if you can get blogger to post the pics, that is.


    that's why I don't post many photos... drag and drop MY BUTT... does NOT work that way!!

  4. Looks great ! I especially like the headboard, you are right it is quite elegant.Hopefully you caught up on your sleep deficit and will be right as rain soon

  5. Oooooo I love the headboard!! Good job! How nice to be able to have things to pass on to your daughter!!


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