Compulsive hoarding is a mental disorder that is just beginning to be understood. As a hoarder, I have acquired things over the years with a specific purpose in mind at the time of the acquisition, used some of those items for their intended purposes, forgotten the goal for different objects, but now that I find that they have outlived their purpose in my life I am struggling to rid myself of those same things.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Bob, bob, bobbin' along.

I've been doing the whole bobblehead thing again tonight.

I overdid it on the treadmill again yesterday by pushing myself to do 30 minutes, and I'm really paying for it today. My back is killing me. I'm back on pain meds again today. I can't stand having to take them, but I really don't have any choice. I need to slow down on the treadmill and not do anymore than 10 to 15 minutes at a time for awhile. I'm going to have to make myself stop pushing myself, if the result is being out of commission for several days afterward.

I was able to make one of the scrub tops for Bugster today. It was the wrong size, though. She wanted the bigger size for extra room, since the ones at school are so small, but the pattern is much roomier than they are. I tweaked it a bit by taking each side in 1.5" and putting a couple of 1" stays in the back. It looked better and more fitted, but it was still too big. She still wore it. Just said it was super comfortable. She apparently also got lots of compliments on it and a request or two for me to make tops for some of the other students. Ha. Like I have time.

I sent the sewing machine and all the tops that had already been cut out home with Bugster. She wants to do some of the sewing, and it will free me up to do some painting this week. I really need to do what I can to finish things up while the weather is still so cooperative. Once the stuff is painted and dry it can still sit outside for awhile to get rid of the smell, but I can't paint it when the humidity gets too high or the temperatures get too low.

At the end of the last week, I was able to get several pieces of the furniture I'm painting sanded, wiped down, and painted with the primer. I've decided to put 2 coats of primer on the furniture in the hopes I won't need as many coats of paint. I only used one coat of primer on the entertainment center thing I painted a few weeks ago, but I ended up having to do 3 to 4 coats of paint. I don't feel I have enough time to do that many coats of paint with the weather starting to turn. It's supposed to be in the 70s and 80s this week and dry until the end of the week, so I'm hoping I can finish up out there.

I need to take my bobblehead self to bed right now, though.

Hoping I'll eventually catch up on blogs and comments and such.


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