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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Of fibro and pictures and teeth.

I had a day with bits of productivity, but I didn't feel like I got enough done. Granted, I rarely feel like I've gotten enough done, even when I've been productive, but I think aches and pains make it worse. And I'm hurting tonight.

I strained my back last night when the pipe sprung a leak. I had to clear the shelves that sat under the leak of the things that were sitting on them. The top shelf had an 18 quart electric turkey roaster. Unfortunately, the water had leaked through the cardboard box and had filled it part way. I'm not sure how many gallons of water were in there, but there were a couple or three at least. And while that might not seem like a lot of water, it weighs quite a bit when it's on the top shelf, and I'm in a hurry to get it down from over my head, because the plumber is on his way, and hubby hadn't made it back to the house yet.

After the girls got home from school, we ran over to my friend's house (the same friend who gave me the little dresser and hutch some years ago) to take some baking dishes back to her. She gave me a tour of her house and showed me all the projects they have in the works. She and her husband do an amazing job at renovations, and I love talking to her about what they have planned. I love seeing the picture she paints in my mind, and even though I can see what it is they're doing in my mind's eye, I'm always so pleasantly surprised when I see the reveal. They always do a better job than I can even imagine. They are absolutely amazing!

Before I went over to her house, my back was hurting from what I did to it yesterday, but I felt pretty well overall. Tonight, however, my fibromyalgia is in overdrive. I hurt from head to toe, and I think it could have to do with being around her dogs. I wasn't around them a lot. I only sort of pet one on it's head, but it was apparently enough to make me ache all over. I'm going to take some Benadryl before going to bed in a few minutes. I'm thinking, if the firbro flare is from my allergy to dogs that it might help. I guess I'll know tomorrow.

Yesterday, Sherry C. commented: Those looks great! Your always working so hard keep it up. Your house looks great in the photos can't tell you have any clutter must be a thing of the past now.

Unfortunately, I'm just really good at taking pictures with as little clutter showing in said pictures. I've had years of practice. Still, the basement is still mostly empty, and we're doing everything we can not to add to what's already there until we have a place for everything, so things can be put in their place immediately upon unpacking them. There are boxes of movies and books downstairs that need to be unpacked and put away, but we need to get some things done before we can do that. I'm hoping it will happen in the next few weeks. I guess we'll see.

Scooter's room is still looking good since I finished it up 5 months ago. It is in horrible need of a paint job and some decorating, but it's still clean and sparse. I'm thrilled with it. The porch is also still in amazing shape, and like I wrote the other day, I've got my very own little workshop out there now that the tarps have been hung and it's somewhat weatherproofed. So the progress we have made hasn't come undone, but the house still looks like it threw up in several rooms. It seems the rooms we live in look the worst, because they're the first to get messed up, if our attention is elsewhere. And with the painting projects and such, our attention has definitely been elsewhere lately.

I had finally gotten enough courage to post before and after pictures of the porch and Scooter's room, but my camera battery is dead. Of course. And for the life of me, I can't seem to find the charger. I'm hoping to borrow Bugster's, since we have the same kind of camera. It may take awhile to get the pictures up, but it will happen. As embarrassing as the before pictures are, I'm proud of the after pictures, and I need to allow myself to feel good about what I've accomplished so far.

I'm off to bed. Tomorrow's going to be a long day with Hopper having to go to the dentist. It's always a very stressful thing for everyone.

I hope she does okay and isn't too scared.


  1. Does she get sedated? Good luck and I think its amazing of you to feel ready to post before and after pictures!!

  2. I hope the dental stuff goes okay.

  3. Sorry you are having a flare up, hope the dental appointment goes well

  4. Really hope the dental appt went well! I really really hate dentists. I understand!

  5. I'm sorry about your back! Life can't be as much fun when you are in pain like that... I hope that Benadryl does the trick. :) Also, I am inspired when reading your posts about tackling your clutter. The playroom in this house... Lawduhmercy. Last thing, I hope you will come visit my blog again after I bashed the candy you loved as a child. :(


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