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Saturday, October 9, 2010

I think our paint has gnat pheromones in it.

The weather wasn't quite as cooperative today as I was hoping. It was overcast all day, so it didn't get quite warm enough to dry the paint on one of the headboards. I won't be able to put the second coat of paint on it until tomorrow. However, I was able to finish up the other headboard and get 2 coats of black paint on the feet of the dresser and in the squares at the top. I'm just hoping the weather is a little sunnier and warmer tomorrow. I really want to get this stuff finished up.

Took down more of the apple tree today. The branch The Hubster cut off was quite dry, so it came down, and we got as many apples from it as we could. It was frustrating to find that a large percentage of the bigger apples would have one or two bites out of them yet still be hanging on the tree. We'd go to pick them, and turn them around to see a big hole with teethmarks in them. We actually watched one squirrel sitting in the crook of the tree eating his apple and turning it like a corn on the cob while staring us down. I wish I'd have had my camera at the time. It was cute.

Hubster helped me hang some more plastic on the porch, so it's a bit more weather proofed. We don't want any of the freshly painted furniture getting wet or having little bits of dust blow in and get caught in the paint. I've picked out less debris in the fresh paint than gnats. They start buzzing around when I'm painting. They get closer and closer to the fresh oil based paint like they just can't get enough of it. Soon, it's though there's a huge magnet that sucks them right into the paint. I then have to wait for the paint to dry, scrape what I can of the carcass off hoping it doesn't smear too much, and then paint the surface again.

Stupid little bugs.


  1. The squirrel was staring you down with the apple, ha ha so cute!! Bugs are SO annoying!! We have roly pollys (pill bugs) attacking our stucco....

  2. I hate bugs! And, I live in Florida.

  3. they're probably getting high off the fumes. Looks like you've become the gnat rave.

  4. It's like the bug light, I swear it is. What is with the gnats this year. We have an epidenic up here. -J


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