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Sunday, May 9, 2010

My first Mother's Day as a mom-in-law.

Our youngest went to bed last night with a horrible cough. I can tell the chest congestion is thick, and she's definitely struggling. She had to do a breathing treatment today, but she did seem marginally better when she went to bed tonight. Even so, she won't be going to school for a couple of days. You know how when you have kids at least one seems to love naps and the other doesn't? She's our non-napper, but she napped for a couple of hours today. She is just not feeling well, the poor thing.

Had a nice and fairly quiet Mother's Day. I got a beautiful flowering plant from my husband as well as a Collin Ray CD that has the "She's With Me" song on it that I posted about earlier. I highly recommend seeing the video, if you haven't already. It's beautiful. You can see it here. You can also see a picture of our girls from 15 years ago on that link. They were and are such beautiful little people. I am blessed beyond measure to have them call me Mom. :)

I wasn't able to reach Mom today by phone. She can be hard to reach on holidays, because we have so many in our family calling her. I left her a message and I'll be calling again tomorrow. I don't like special days going by without touching base with her. I'm just glad she knows how special she is to all of us. My mom really is the best I could have!

Our oldest and her hubby came over for the afternoon/evening. We really enjoyed their company. They brought an adorable card and flowers in a really neat little chalkboard vase with messages all around it from them and our youngest two daughters. There were 3 lavender roses and 1 peach representing each of them. They are very sweet, and I hope it stays cool enough in the house that they don't open too quickly. I may have to put them in the refrigerator, if it gets too warm.

The kids brought over a couple of movies to share, so we watched Avatar and Sherlock Holmes with them. I'm surprised, but I liked Avatar better than Sherlock Holmes. I loved the colors in the film. It wasn't as dark as SH was. I don't do well with dark movies. Even when the movie is only filmed as though it is nighttime in the story, I don't really tend to care for them. I'm sure that's one reason I liked Avatar better. In spite of it being predictable, it was good.

Once again, I've waited to write my blog until the stroke of midnight, so my post will be late. I really do need to try to get to it earlier in the day, but this is the first the computer's been on all day.

I hope all the mothers that read my blog had a wonderful Mother's Day today with their children in some way or another!


  1. What a great day!! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. I took too many allergy meds before going to see Sherlock holmes and I slept through most of it! But Avatar was wonderful!


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