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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Mickey Mole

Today's been a long day emotionally. Isn't it funny how emotions can be so heavy on a person?

Took our middle daughter to the doctor for her physical. All is well. She got the last of the immunizations she needed, and we all (her, me, the doctor and the nurse) survived. It's a relief to just have it all done and know she doesn't need to go in for another 5 years for boosters. There will be the annual flu shot, but that won't be too bad. Hopefully.

Took the youngest in for her appointment with the dermatologist. She said the mole needed to come off. She did reassure us that melanoma is very rare at this age, especially since our daughter loves to wear leggings, and her legs are typically protected from the sun. However, it doesn't mean she's in the clear just yet.

If I understood the doctor correctly, the biopsy can have a few different results. The first would be total normal cells that would be benign. Another, somewhat benign finding would be that the cells were abnormal, but she said the removal of the mole would take care of this completely. The third finding could be severely abnormal cells. In this case, she said they would treat it just like they would a melanoma. They will call us back in for more tissue to be removed from around the area of the mole. Then the last finding could be melanoma, which they would need to treat further as well.

I'm not overly concerned about it. At least I don't think I am. Maybe I am and that's why I'm so tired tonight. So I'm off to bed, but I leave you with:

The Mickey Mole.


  1. ::singing::



    well, you know the rest.

    Sending good thoughts.

  2. Sending good thoughts and prayers for a positive outcome

  3. Hope you hear good news SOON!


  4. I hope everything is okay too. I can't image remove of it is too fun either. Poor girl . I'll be thinking of you.

  5. Oh poor girl! I hope it all goes well, and that it is just a mole and nothing else...


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