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Saturday, May 29, 2010

To V or not to V. That is the question.

I am so glad today is over. Well. Over except for relaxing with my hubby for awhile. It was just a really long day.

Hopper still isn't feeling 100%. She's not feverish or anything, just a bit lethargic and not hungry at all. I'm hoping she'll be worlds better when she wakes up in the morning.

Scooter was in a bit of a mood again today. Not entirely sure why, but she was. Did what she could to push buttons and be naughty. If either is going to do the Button Pushing Boogie, it's Scooter, but I am glad it doesn't happen often. She went as far as undoing her seatbelt 3 times today while we were driving 55 down a main road through town. Did I mention I'm really thankful she isn't like this often? I'm sure it will be at least 6 months to a year before she starts messing with her seatbelt again.

I can't explain adequately just how stressful it is to hear Hopper say that Scooter's undone the seatbelt yet again. Of course there's never anywhere for me to pull over, because I'm in the middle lane of traffic, and I have to rely on Hopper to get the seatbelt latched once again. Tonight Scooter has seatbelt welts on the side of her neck where Hopper pulled a bit too quickly and forcefully to get her sister secured, but I'd rather see a couple of seatbelt welts than to see a crumpled little body should we get in an accident. And I am so very thankful that Hopper noticed it immediately and was able to help me out from the backseat.

Got more D-Ribose today when we were out. I know it'll take a few days to kick in again, but I'm glad I have it. Hopefully, I'll never allow myself to run out again. The fibro is out in full force in my neck and shoulders tonight. I'm hoping, if I turn my heating pad on and lie back in the chair a bit while I'm relaxing with hubby some of the pain will go away. Heat always seems to help.

A guy that my husband works with came over today and helped fell a couple of trees. I did take some before pictures to show how bad the V they were growing in was. It seemed a bit Gothic in style. At one point, my hubby was on the ground holding onto a rope trying to pull this very large, very heavy portion of the tree toward him. His buddy was up the ladder with the chain saw.

And as the wind picked up, it started blowing the part of the tree my husband was trying to control away from him and toward the nearby power lines. Yeah. That's something you want to see from the kitchen window! I went outside to help pull, but his friend had come down from the ladder by the time I got outside, and they both collapsed on the ground as the tree broke free and fell where they needed it. I collapsed from relief. On the inside.

We have a lot of cleanup to do tomorrow. We have a lot of branches to get out of the backyard as well as all the wood that someone else from work will be using in his fireplace come Fall. Now we just have to figure out a way to help hubby's buddy out. He wouldn't let us pay him. He did more to help us in the hour it took them than he can ever imagine! I'm so thankful that the hubster works with such amazing people!

Tomorrow we'll be busy. We'll probably have a hard time even moving by the end of the day. But we are both so relieved and thrilled that these trees are down! It has a great big check next to it on The List Of Great Big Things To Do That We've Put Off For Way Too Long!


  1. Okay, that's scary.
    So glad that no one was harmed in the ceremonial killing of the trees.

    I hate it when we have to cut one down, but we've had to more than once.

    It's so good to have friends.
    I know I'm very grateful for mine.

  2. That is scary!! My hubby's uncle was cutting trees and one hit him in the head and he suffered brain damage. He ended up passing away..very scary.

  3. Ami...we don't like having to cut a tree down either, but these were leaning so far, they'd have either killed the house or a person, if the wind took them down. Just glad it's done!

    And yes. It is so good to have friend! :)

    Oh no, Kristi! I'm so sorry! That had to be devastating!

  4. Glad to hear the D-Ribose is working for you ,it sure makes a huge difference for me.The tree cutting sounds a bit more exciting than I would want!

  5. Pulling on a rope to bring a tree down TOWARDS you seems a little dangerous! We have to keep the trees in check here in Florida due to hurricanes blowing them over! Hurricane season of 2004 taught us that!

  6. Good luck getting everything done!

  7. Holy crap that is scary!! I'm happy neither of them got hurt! Good Job getting things done...

  8. Wow - getting THAT out of the way must feel great!!!

    So glad it's done -



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