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Monday, May 17, 2010

'Twas a wasp.

My post will be quite brief tonight. As I sat down to the computer a few minutes ago, I thought I was hearing the buzzing of a bee, but it was so intermittent that I wasn't sure. Plus there was nothing flying around.

There was nothing flying around, because the wasp was hanging on the chain to the ceiling fan directly above my chair. It was holding on with only it's rear legs as it leaned back chillaxin and cleaning itself. It looked like it was hanging out in its own little invisible recliner. Of course I swatted at it. And of course, I missed.

Go ahead and roll your eyes.

I did.

When I hit at it, I turned the fan on which I haven't dusted for a few months. Huge chunks of dust went flying everywhere, and in the confusion of watching them drift about the room, I lost sight of the wasp. I keep thinking I'm feeling him crawl up my leg or into the neck of my shirt. I'm getting a little itchy and even more weirded out as I sit here.

So yeah. Between the wasp, the headache, the cough and slight nausea I think I'm going to call it a night. At least my bedroom is nowhere near the computer room. I may actually get some extra sleep tonight.

I'm really hoping I don't hear any buzzing. We've had a problem the last several years with wasps coming into our bedroom. I hope there are none tonight.



  1. ACK!!

    I hope you don't see him again.
    I HATE those things!!

  2. Wasps in the bedroom and you can sleep. I hope this one stays in the computer room. I'm off to sleep too was going to post then at 8pm I read my sons agenda to learn he has a project due.. he had not started we just finished it's almost 11. I need to pay more attention to what everyone here has on the go it's hard to manage one with special needs and 3 others. I don't know how you managed with 2. I love reading your blog by the way just had to add that.

  3. We've had wasps the past two summers. NIGHTMARE.

  4. Sounds like it was time to go to bed. I got stung last summer ,little fart flew up the leg of my shorts and got me high on the inner thigh! I survived , he didn't,poor flat squashed wasp(HA)

  5. Sherry - We can't sleep when there are wasps actually in the bedroom. But I could last night, because my husband had sprayed the windows for wasps just a few days ago when one woke him up. Otherwise, I'd be trying to sleep with my head covered and terrified that one of the wasps had gotten under the blankets. And even though I knew there were no wasps in my bedroom last night, my back twitched right between my shoulder blades, and I thought something was crawling on me. I shudder at the thought even this morning!

    And thank you for your compliment on my blog. :) I enjoy reading yours as well! As far as how I manage with 2 special needs kids? I don't completely, or I wouldn't be in the mess I'm in!! :D

    Oh my goodness, Fern! OUCH! I've only been stung once in my life. It was on the tip of my thumb, and I can't imagine getting stung on the upper thigh! Owwww!!

  6. Embarrass yourself over a bug? Yeah, I've been there. I took a tumble down a flight of stair trying to get away from a spider, once. Don't laugh too hard, it was fast, and hairy, and it's little legs were trying to get me. I keep telling myself that I'm bigger than the bug, and that the appropriate reaction should be *splat!* instead of *scream*, but I can't stop myself from flipping out every time a mayfly makes it into the shower with me.

    Or maybe I should just close the dang windows.


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