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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My husband, the hero.

Apparently after I was in bed last night, my husband sat down to the computer. And guess who decided to say hello?

That's right. It flew right into the back of his head and then started circling the ceiling fan lights. He was not happy. He took his hat off, hit it hard, and it fell the the floor. He said it was still moving, so he carefully took it to the restroom to see, if it would pass a swim qual. It didn't.

I'm okay with that.

Really. I am.

However, I didn't know this bit of information this morning when I fired up the computer. I saw that he'd hung the yellow jacket trap up to catch the bugger, if he started buzzing around when we were in bed, so I didn't realize he'd already killed it. The morning was very overcast and muggy and foggy and dark. So I decided to take my chances and get online for a few minutes.

I couldn't relax, though. I kept listening hard for the faint buzzing that is the tell tale sign of one of our flying friends. I never heard it, but my neck and shoulders were tense nonetheless. I just couldn't seem to relax and enjoy myself. So I got off the computer and tried my best to get rid of my headache.

A bit later, the hubby arose from his slumber and padded out to the living room. He proceeded to tell me what had happened. He also informed me that the trap he got said it won't trap wasps. It will only trap hornets and yellow jackets. So I immediately got back on the computer, since I knew there would be no yellow and black blur dive bombing my head and headed to Google.

There, I looked up pictures of wasps and yellow jackets. I do know we have paper wasps around here. I've seen their empty little nests that they've vacated after they've moved out. However, we also have yellow jackets. And while paper wasps typically aren't as aggressive, they will sting, if they or their nest is threatened. Yellow jackets, on the other hand, will go after a human just for being human.

And when I looked at the pictures of the paper wasps vs the yellow jackets, I realized instantly that what had made it's way into the computer room was indeed a yellow jacket. I'm sure they're coming in from the attic. I think they sometimes go in there to make their nests, because the vents at the end of the house under the gables are open. It wouldn't matter, if they were open or not, though. They can squeeze through a rather small hole and make themselves at home.

So that yellow jacket trap that is now hanging above the bookshelf next to the computer will be going to the attic in the next few days. Hopefully, if they have the trap to go to, we'll be able to keep them up there instead of inviting them in to spend time with our family.

We may have to invest in a few of the traps to hang in the attic.

It will be money well spent.

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  1. Ugh. (Shudder.)

    That's right. If they poach on your territory, you get to set traps. Lure them in!! (insert evil laugh)


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