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Saturday, May 8, 2010

I confess...

I rescued my dolly from the stuff we were giving away. I realized I do need to have a toy or two left over for our future grandchildren to be able to enjoy, so it's going to be her. I also set aside a couple of outfits for her to be changed into, since babies do need to have a change or two of clothes. If I change my mind later on, I can get rid of her then. However, if I did give her away, I would have no way of retrieving her. So...she's back home for now.

Speaking of future grandchildren...we find it absolutely hysterical that the pressure for the newlyweds to start a family is not coming from us. Instead, it's coming from our middle daughter. Now that they're married, she wants them to have a son, and she has mentioned it on several occasions. We have no idea where this is coming from. We just find it hilarious that it's coming!

In the meantime, the hubby dropped off the rest of the things at my friend's house. So this is the second load that pretty much filled up the back end of our little station wagon. I feel bad in some ways for dumping it on her, but it will give her some new toys for her little ones, and she said she'll just get rid of what they don't want. Works for me. And I very much appreciate her willingness to take care of it.

Scary thing happened to our oldest daughter's boss's daughter last night. Ok. Did you follow that? It happened to the daughter of the people our oldest works for. She and her female cousin were out clubbing. The cousin started throwing up and she started going into a major rage. It sounds like she attacked her father and a police officer. They took her into the hospital for evaluation, because they had no idea what was going on with her.

Her urine tested positive for GHB. It's one of the date rape drugs. Thankfully, she is fine now, but she doesn't remember anything that happened last night or how she was acting. It's really pretty scary. So, sorry, but I have to put a little reminder here: If you are out in public don't ever leave your drink unattended. Keep it in your hand. And don't forget that someone can slip a date rape drug into any kind of drink. It doesn't have to be an alcoholic beverage.

Thankfully, sometimes people do step forward to keep things from happening to women on dates like GHB. In fact, a waiter at a Ruby Tuesday in Colorado stepped up a couple of years ago and took the woman's drink from her, after he saw her date drop something in it when she was at the salad bar. They'd met online and decided to meet in a public place for dinner, because she felt it would be safest. You just can't be too careful. And the waiter? In my eyes...he's a HERO!

Laundry calls. Besides, it's probably time for me to step off my soapbox about now anyway.

Stay safe now, ya hear?


  1. I remember that story! We knew each other online then, too.

    And as for your baby you rescued?
    I think that was a good choice.

    As you pointed out, you can always give it away later.

  2. Wow - that is scary stuff! My friends and I always babysit each other's drinks, but we don't go out often. Thank goodness your daughter's boss's daughter is ok!

    And you know what? A special baby doll is not a bad thing to keep, especially with all the memories that are attached. I've kept a doll that I got when I was 4 (Jenny) and just keep her tucked away in the filing cabinet. (She's small.) And my other doll, Tina, sits on top of my dresser. (She used to sit in the spare room, but that's where the toys were and she was off-limits, so I moved her for my - I mean, HER - protection. I actually need to put her in a plastic bag and put her up - still working on removing allergens and dust collectors in there.

  3. Gah! I did not end the bracket. Here:


    (Seriously, that makes me feel better. I am so sorry!!)

  4. I'm glad you took your doll back! In the previous post, I was going to comment that I thought you should keep it but I was afraid you'd already gotten rid of it! And I didn't want you to regret it! So,I'm glad there's a happy ending!

  5. Scary about the date rape drug! Poor thing must feel terrible!

    I am also glad you kept the doll and good to know she has clothes! ;) My daughter has her Cabbage Patch doll and I kept my stuffed mouse for a LONG time until she was lost during one of our moves. It was OK though. Her name was Mousica and yes I was REALLY young when I named her!

  6. Scary stuff!

    I'm glad you kept the doll. Some things are worth holding on to.

  7. Thank you all, for supporting me in my decision to save my dolly. :) Our youngest has had a bit of interest in her the last couple of days, and I'm especially happy about that.

    And crack me up! :D

    mrs.b...I was glad I had only gotten it out of the house, and she wasn't gone yet, too!

    Portia...cute name!


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