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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Monkey? What monkey?

Today, we worked on getting one of the shelves that K painted the other day in the cubby area under the stairs. Let's just say we had to get creative. Even though we measured accurately, the board didn't fit. Turns out the cubby area is not square. Not a right angle in sight, so we are dealing with a parallelogram rather than a rectangle.

Once we finally got the board in place, it fit just fine on the left side, but it stuck out almost an inch in front on the right side, and there was a gap of an inch or so in the back on the right. Since we're planning on putting something a little smoother on top of the plywood, so it won't snag the fabric I store there, we just cut the edge of the front off and stuck it in the gap in the back. However, we've now got to deal with the angles for the cover piece and for the other shelves we'll be putting in.

I'm not exactly sure what we'll be doing to get the angles right. I need to be able to think straight to figure out what to do, and I'm tired enough that thinking isn't a strong point right now. I know there's a construction tool, a compass of some sort, that you can open up into the corner of a box to measure the angle. Something like that could be handy to have around for other uses, so if it's not too expensive, we may spring for one. If not, I'll have to resort to geometry. And geometry means I need to think, so I guess that means I also need to get sleep. Ha.

I was able to finish all the touch up paint for the dark green paint and all but the side of one doorway for the light green, so I'll be able to finish the last of the touch up painting tomorrow. I'll still have to do some painting inside the cubbies when we figure out what we're going to do in there, but at least I'll be able to put the other paint cans away. I'm glad I'm almost done with it.

Mom's dog that we've been sitting has loved hanging out with us downstairs while we work. He often grabs one of his toys and brings it to us to toss, so he can run after it. However, Scooter has fallen in love with two of his toys, and she tries to keep them for herself instead of letting him play with them. She lets us know she loves them by petting them and hugging them. It's been funny to watch her.

Today, she put his little monkey toy in her back 'pocket'.
You only thought skirts didn't have back pockets.

That's whatcha get for thinking!


  1. LOL... she's almost got a monkey on her back!!

    Good luck with the geometry... and why aren't you online???

  2. Very cute. Could you draw a tempalte from the shelf that is now in place?

  3. Geometry, yuck!

    Love the photo! So cute!

  4. You know, Fern, if I can find my big roll of paper, that might actually work. Thanks for the idea!! :)

  5. My son used to stick things in the "extra" pocket in his underwear. Doesn't get any safer than that. :)


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