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Monday, November 22, 2010

Eww gwoss!

So. I've been asked a couple of times, if I really did fall asleep when I wrote this post the other day, or if I was just pretending to fall asleep for the post. The answer is that I did indeed fall asleep. Several times while writing that post, in fact, as one can tell by the repeated letters.

I really do try to be as honest on this blog. I need to be as real as possible with myself, or I'll likely fall back into old habits and start hoarding again. So even when I write about things that really don't have anything to do with the overall hoarding picture, when I'm being goofy, there's truth in what I'm saying. I owe it to myself.

Now that that has been cleared up...

I had to go in for my pre-op visit today with my doctor. I have 2 more appointments tomorrow. When I get home, K will come over again to help me get things finished up. We got a lot done downstairs today - got the shelves put up between the craft cabinets, got several boxes unpacked, sorted and put away, replaced an electrical outlet, and leveled the craft tables as best we could. They're not very level, but between the concrete floor being lumpy in places and the fact they're sitting on carpet on top of said floor, we weren't expecting much. I'm not exactly sure how I'll get them level in the long run, but thankfully it's not something we need to figure out for awhile.

We haven't done any trim around the windows to make them look finished yet. I was hoping to get to it before I get laid up, but I don't think that's going to happen. However, we need to at least try to get them a little more weather proofed. They're cheap little single pane aluminum windows that have no insulating factor at all. So I decided to vacuum them out. Right before I got the vacuum up there, I noticed a spider in the corner of the window.

It's body shape was like that of a black widow, but the color was all wrong. It was more of a creamy yellow, but the thing that surprised me was the marking on its back. It looked like a little flower made of dots. I'm not sure, if it's a poisonous spider or not, but I wasn't taking the chance. I vacuumed it up. I don't like spiders in my house. I like trying to relocate them outside even less.

I did take a picture of its back, though. Does anyone else notice a flower pattern, or is it just me?
Better yet, anyone have any idea what kind it is? It looks like it ate well judging by the insect carcasses piled up under it.


I probably should not have posted about a spider right before bed. Hope I don't dream about them.

:::double shudder:::


  1. I am 90% sure it is a cob web spider. Relatively harmless. Not that it helps. Lol

  2. That is a Triangulate cobweb spider (Steatoda triangulosa). Non-poisonous.
    In fact, they kill poisonous spiders like the Brown Recluse.

  3. Spiders and I have an agreement; they leave me alone and stay outside and I won't squish them. Yes, I know they eat other bugs but still, I have an irrational dislike for them anyway. Call it the creepy factor.

    Your surgery is coming up fast! Hugs to you!

  4. I do not love spiders, but I won't kill one unless it's a bad one. (poisonous).

    Hope your appointments go okay. Are you counting down the days yet?

  5. No idea on the spider ,definitley different .Hope you appointments go well

  6. Now I've just read this right before bed.... Shudder...


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