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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The back of my eyelids are so pretty about now.

I didn't get around to taking pictures today for my next posts. We were busy with other things and little people.

Hopper is sick. Hacking and coughing up lungs kind of sick. She is miserable. The coughing subsided a better with a nebulizer treatment than with medicines, so her asthma is definitely acting up. We will likely take her in tomorrow, if she's not better. I looked in her ears, and it appears as though she's getting an ear infection on top of everything else.

She's the only one who is really all that sick. I have slight sniffles, but nothing major. And I'm still hoping the zinc supplements kick it into overdrive and help me get over this as quickly as possible. My fear is that they won't let me have surgery on Wednesday like planned. I would really like to get the surgery and the cold out of the way.

Today we were able to get the fans blown out with the air hose and put in the attic. Got our other 2 space heaters down and the dust blown off. Normally I keep them in their original boxes, but the heaters were just sitting up there. My only thought is that I either couldn't find the boxes because they were in the attic when they were put away last, or someone put them up there to get them out of the way and didn't realize they had boxes to go with them. Doesn't matter. They're down now and look like they've been scrubbed, because the air hose was so effective. I love those things. They're the ones that look like little radiators and have oil in them. They work so well at helping keep the house warm. We'll have on downstairs and the other 2 will be upstairs, in case we need them

We worked on a window in the basement today. Last year we had some lumber that wouldn't fit through the door and around the corner to go to the basement. So it wen through the window downstairs. The window had to be taken off it's track, and when it was taken apart the little piece of rubber spline between the window and the screen was thrown away. The windows are original to the house, so we couldn't go down and buy more spline to replace it. So today, we figured out a way to put some weather stripping in place of the spline, and it worked. The basement is so much warmer already.

We were also able to get a new sliding shower bar put up in the upstairs bathroom as well as a shower caddy thing. It's one of those poles that goes in the corner of the shower that has the baskets and shelves to hold shampoos and soaps. We've been meaning to get to both of these things for several months. They're finally done. In the other bathroom, we finally got a soap dispenser hung on the wall. It has 4 compartments to use for shampoo, conditioner, soap, whatever you need or want, really. We've had it forever with the intention of getting it hung up to use, too, but at least we can say it's up now. It should save us a small fortune in shampoo. Hopper loves to attempt to wash her own hair, and she uses a lot of shampoo. This should keep it in better check.

Hubster also got the banister put back up. We took it down when the basement flooded, because we had so much that needed brought up or taken downstairs. The banister was just in the way. However, with Mom coming to help out when I have surgery, it was time to get it back up. Actually, it was probably past time to get it back up, but it's up now, and that's all that really matters.

When we were finished with the things we were able to get done on the list, my back was hurting. And with the surgery coming up, I'm not allowed to take ibuprofen or other things that can thin my blood. So I went to get the prescription pain killer I have to get me through until I can take NSAIDS again, and I couldn't find it. I looked high and low, but it was nowhere to be found. We looked under couches and couch cushions, night stands and even the trash. It was so exasperating. We looked for a couple of hours before my husband found it just inches from where it was supposed to be. We think Hopper moved it to take care of something else and just missed it when putting things back. I am so glad it showed up.

It's been a long but productive day. I'm glad it's come to an end, though. I'm ready to get some sleep in my bed instead of the head bobbing kind that I get when I fall asleep writing my blog.


  1. Oh poor Hopper! I hope she gets feeling better and you got some good sleep!!!

  2. You have gotten an amazing amount finished.
    REST already, will ya??



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