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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Scooter came out of the bedroom looking like she'd gone a round or two with Mike Tyson this morning. We're not 100% sure what happened, since she's non-verbal, but we're think she or Hopper accidentally opened the shutters in her bedroom right into her face.

She had this silly smirk on her face whenever it was mentioned. She likes the attention!

The scrape above her eye is right on top of a permanent bump on her forehead. When she gets mad, she hits herself out of frustration. She has a matching bump on the back of her right wrist. She's had the bumps since she was 2.. Thankfully, she doesn't hit herself nearly as much as she used to. It is so hard to see it happen and have no idea how to stop it.

That's the big story of the day.

The next biggest story of the day?

I finished the porch.

At least all the sorting and purging is done. We still have to wash all the 18 gallon and 2 gargantuan totes that were on there that got so dirty over the years. We also have to dislodge the mud that is caked in the gutter on the awning over the porch/patio. It's not quite an awning, but it's also not your typical shingled roof, either. And there is caked mud in the gutter part of it.

We're not sure how we're going to clean it out, because it's at such a horrible angle it's hard to get our fingers in there. We're wondering, if we can clean it out with a pressure washer. It's a possibility, so we're hoping we can borrow one from somebody. If not, we can always rent one at a home improvement store.

My friend's boys came over today and helped clean and paint the cast iron bases for some tables that had been stored out there for several years. They were a bit rusty and somewhat dull. First they scrubbed the rust off with a wire brush. Then they painted them. I can't get over how much better they look!

All 3 of these tables will be in my craft and sewing area downstairs once we get them finished. I'll have them in an L shape or all 3 against the wall. It's just going to be so nice to have such a large area to work! You can see the underside of the table tops up against the house in the first picture.

I'm not sure yet, if I'll be painting the table tops or not. Two of them are already painted in a checkerboard pattern, but the paint is dull and faded. If anything, I may just paint over the existing paint. I need to decide pretty quick, if I'm going to get these done, so we can put them downstairs this weekend.

Oh. And the stack of chairs you see in the background of the second picture? They came with the tables. Only 2 per table, which is sort of odd. They're on my list of future projects. They'll need repainted and reupholstered.

Some day.


  1. You are on a roll!

    So sorry about Scooter! At least she is not in school right now! :)

  2. That's quite the shiner!

    And the porch is DONE! YAY! You must be so proud (as you deserve to be).

  3. Looks like she ran into something for sure. Gee whiz!

    Love the table bases.

    And I'm glad you're still kicking butt with the decluttering/dehoarding.

    Apparently blogger doesn't like either of those words.

  4. Poor kiddo! Yay on the porch and the tables ! you go girl!

  5. Oh poor girl!! Way to go on the porch, I'm doing a happy dance for you!!

  6. You finished the porch!!! Yeah you!!! -J

  7. Thanks Bugster! I love that you're my #1 supporter! :)

    And thank for the support, everyone! I'm feeling pretty pumped that it's finished! Pumped and exhausted...LOL

  8. When I saw that first photo, I immediately thought it looked like a bug bite or sting - Abigail and William both woke up with an eye like this about a year ago, and the Doctor said it was a spider's bite. But judging by the second photo, there are grazes so you must be right, her head collided with something. She still looks like a real cutie though!!

    You are so creative! Fancy bringing that table back to life so nicely - and I like the chequered top and would definitely keep the wooden squares rather than paint them white. Well done - that is quite an achievement! You have even inspired me to go down to our cellar and see what items of furniture I can resuscitate in this way!

    Judy - I wanted to thank you for your comments on my last post - your words are wise, poised and very sensible, and it means a lot to me to get constructive feedback like that. So a big THANK YOU is winging its way across the ocean towards your place ok?


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