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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chopping onions would be better!

At least they wouldn't be as drying to my poor eyes! They'd still burn, but at least they'd be overflowing with moisture!

As I write this, I struggle to keep my eyes open. The acrid smell of a self-cleaning oven fills the air, the fumes singeing my eyeballs and burning my throat. I hate using the self-cleaning option on my oven almost as much as I hate the fumes from the spray oven cleaner.

I should have waited until tomorrow to clean it. At least it wouldn't be quite as cold to have the window open and the fan turned out and on high. That's okay. I'll take the cold. I'll have a clean oven and drip pans. In fact, the oven itself wasn't super dirty, because it's not that old. The drip pans on the other hand had some stuff burned on. I didn't want it to get too burnt on to be able to clean, so I stuck them in the oven. We paid a little extra for that feature when we bought the oven. I mean how cool is it that we can put the drip pans in the oven to clean them and not worry about them turning color?

I've been working on sorting boxes again tonight. I'll have to post my total on my list tomorrow, after I know how many I've finished. Some of the paperwork is sort of hard for me to figure out whether or not it should go. Especially medical paperwork. It's been such a big part of our lives that it feels quite odd to throw it out.

For years, we had to keep all medical records. I'm hoping I still have some in particular for our youngest from about 13 years ago. I'm 99% sure I still have them. If I can find them, we will possibly have recourse for brain damage that was done as a lack of oxygen when her tank ran dry. That's on top of the genetic condition. If she hadn't been deprived of oxygen, she could potentially live on her own or in a group setting. That will never happen now.

So, even though it's sad/odd/frightening that I still have all that paperwork, I do have to say that I'm hoping I still have
the paperwork we need to prove what happened to our youngest.

In the meantime, I realized tonight that I don't really need the insurance paperwork from dental work the girls had 3 years ago. If I really do need the paperwork, then I can contact the facility for records.

Now. If I can just figure out which bank statements to hold onto!

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  1. That is a lot to deal with, You are doing well. I hate cleaning the oven too by the way


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