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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Molasses. Nightmares. 'nough said.

We haven't watched much of the Olympics this year. It's not that we don't like them. We just don't have as much time to watch. So I've been recording them on the DVR for the girls to watch, because they can't get enough. The girls had watched most of Monday night's Olympics yesterday when they were home sick from school. All that was left to watch were the final four couples in pairs figure skating.

I do have a fondness for gymnastics and figure skating, so I decided to watch to see who would win the gold when I turned the Olympics on for the girls this morning. It was pretty darn awesome that a couple who were now married and were way old according to the sport won. Shen and Zhou have been together since 1992 when she was only 13, and he was 18. There's something to be said about finally winning gold at ages 31 and 36!

One of the commentators (I thought it was Dick Button who said it, but I've seen it credited to Scotty Hamilton and Bob Costas as well), was commenting about one team's particularly rough year. He said their year was "a nightmare covered in molasses!" And while I may not be sure of the origins of the saying, I love the picture it conjures up.

I mean most nightmares seem like they last far too long the way it is, right? Add molasses to the mix, and everything slows down and takes longer to process. Longer to move on. Everything would seem like it was in even slower motion. It would make it harder to move. Harder to breathe. Surely, molasses wouldn't make a nightmare better. It would just intensify the horror.

However, instead of this saying making me feel bad or like I'm currently in a nightmare, it just made me laugh.

I'm so glad I took the time to watch the last 4 couples skating with the girls this morning while they're once again out of school. That really just made my day!


  1. You are a strange cookie.

    That's probably why I like you.

  2. That is great about the couple that won, a long time coming! A nightmare covered in molasses? Icky sticky yucky !

  3. Whatta ya tryin' to say? What's your point? Whatcha gettin' at, Ami? :D

    LOL Fern. At least it would be a sweet icky sticky yucky! :)

    Hi Momster! Hugs back atcha! :)


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