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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At least I have Norah.

So. Still looking for the notebook. Working on paperwork as I do. Drank way too much caffeine today, so I'll probably be up for a few hours looking for it still tonight. I'll be listening to Norah Jones. She's got such a soothing voice. It will help me keep from being stressed. :)

Over the weekend, my hubby picked up a box of 50 hanging file folders, because I needed more to finish my filing. I knew I wouldn't use them all, but I figured I'd share with someone else. However, when I went to put them in the filing cabinet tonight, I realized they were legal size instead of regular. They were too big. We'll have to take them back.

Imagine my surprise when I opened a box to see, if the missing notebook was in it, and instead I see probably 40 file folders that had been in the file cabinet at one point. (I thought it seemed rather sparse when I cleaned it out a few weeks ago!). Most of them contain stuff that is at least 8 years old or older, so I'll be cleaning them out tonight and putting stuff in the shredables. Needless to say, we won't have to buy anymore file folders!

Things went very well with the teacher when I spoke to her of my concerns. She'll be helping us get the IEP amended. So very thankful that it didn't need to turn into a battle. I really like the girls' teachers, and I'm so thankful for the good relationship we have with them.

Tonight, I got to rub the very pregnant belly of a friend who is expecting twins. It was so exciting! She still has a few weeks to go, but she looks like she's 10 months pregnant already. It's amazing what twins do for the size of a tummy! I miss my pregnancy days. I loved being pregnant and feeling the baby move. There's nothing quite like it! :)

Still hoping I'll get to that notebook tonight. So I should probably get this posted and get busy looking again!

For anyone who isn't familiar with Norah Jones:

For the official video go here:


  1. Love NJ..and this song is awesome. :)

  2. I love having random people come up and rub my belly! Most people don't... So far no one has done it this time, I guess there is still time, you can come rub my belly if you would like ;)!
    I think good teachers are priceless, so happy your girls have good teachers, and yay on file folders! What a great discovery!

  3. Also I love Norah, so soothing!

  4. She does sing beautifully! New follower found you on another blog.


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