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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm about ready for some wooden teeth.

Today's been a long day. I'm tired tonight. Got several loads of laundry done, but nothing outstanding. We try to keep weekends reserved for family, since it seems we never see enough of one another. We hung out a lot with the girls and tried to relax a little. I'm not sure how successful I was. I've had tomorrow on my mind.

I have a dental appointment in the morning to get some work done. I'm not sure, if he'll get to either of the broken teeth, or if he'll only fill a cavity. I'm hoping both. But I detest going to the dentist. They always have a rough time getting the deadening agent in the right place due to my nerve placement, and I often feel the pain of a drill going into the center of my tooth. It's not fun.

Plus I haven't had the best experiences with dentists. The one we went to when I was little was an abusive man. We found out later he was an alcoholic, which I suppose explains his abusiveness, but it absolutely doesn't excuse it. He pulled one of my teeth without any deadening at all, and at one point even told me that, if I kept crying, he'd "give me something to cry about".

So yeah. Even though the dentist I have now is very gentle and does his best not to hurt me, I am tensed up from the moment my behind meets the cloth of the waiting room seat. Once I get home I typically have to sit on my heating pad for a couple of hours just to release the knots in my back. I wish I could bring a heating pad with me to my appointment. I'll have to ask about that for future visits.

The girls are sick again. Fevers. Sniffles. Coughs. Our middle daughter is coughing up a storm at night and is having headaches. It started Friday night, so I'm sure it's a viral thing. I'm hoping the cough will die down and she'll be feeling better in the next couple of days. I'm ready for Spring to come, so we can open the windows and get some fresh air in here. Mostly, I'm just ready for the kids to be feeling better for more than a week at a time.

Right now, I'm ready for bed.

I need to at least pretend to sleep before I get up for my dental appointment. ;o)


  1. Yep, this Ozark farm chick has been heard sayin' before, I'd rather birth a babe than to go to the dentist. I've got it bad baby! I hope all goes well and I'll put in a little prayer for your girls speedy recovery.

    From the hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, God bless ya'll!!!

  2. I've said for MANY years that if I ever won money I would have all my teeth replaced by veneers. I have a horrible experience every time I go to the dentist. I will pray for you that all goes well and that your girls have a speedy recovery!

  3. I hate dental work, it is always a painful experience fo rme as well. Good luck ,hope it goes well


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