Compulsive hoarding is a mental disorder that is just beginning to be understood. As a hoarder, I have acquired things over the years with a specific purpose in mind at the time of the acquisition, used some of those items for their intended purposes, forgotten the goal for different objects, but now that I find that they have outlived their purpose in my life I am struggling to rid myself of those same things.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fun! Fun! Fun!

What's more fun than waking up soaked from the wonderful hot flashes that hit when you're dead asleep? Waking up soaked from night sweats, mouth watering, wondering if you'll actually make it to the bucket in time and then trying to carefully arrange the pillows to prop yourself up on an incline while trying not to wake your bed buddy, of course.

I'm feeling better today than I did yesterday, but I do have to admit I'm ready to stop having so much fun. 

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things and have gotten several loads of laundry done in the last few days, but it will take several more before I'm caught up. And being caught up with laundry lasts, what?, maybe 10 minutes? Still, I'll be glad to be done with the extra laundry from our trip and the winter clothes that I had started to work on before we left for Mom's.  It would be nice to actually have them put away in storage for awhile before we have to get them out due to the cold again.

I had a small victory the last couple of days. Back when we bought the girls the cubbies for their bedrooms to use instead of dressers, we got got a couple of units to install in the cubbies, so they'd have doors on them. They were really pricey, or we'd have gotten more of them. In fact, they were expensive enough that I contemplated returning them. 

Alas, they've sat in the boxes for months-long enough that I likely wouldn't be able to return them anyway. So I got past my intimidation, put Scooter's together and installed them yesterday. She loves them-especially the fact that one is a mirror, and my only regret is that I waited so long to get it done. I'll work on Hopper's tomorrow, and hopefully, she'll be as happy with hers and Scooter is. I know I'll be happy to have the extra space.

Know what I'd be really happy to have? A nice cool pillow to help me get rid of this headache that has crept up in the last hour. The glare from the screen isn't helping at all. I think it's time for me to bring this one to a close.

Until next time. . .


  1. Feel better, Oggerlet. Hope your headache leaves and takes mine with it. :)

    1. Mine eased up a bit but didn't leave completely. Did it at least get yours?

  2. Feel better. Lately I am also waking in a huge pool of sweat, and then I want to throw up because it's not mine... it's Tony's.


    I am ready for fall.

  3. Yikes! hope you feel better soon. the cubbies sound just perfect

  4. It's NO FUN!
    Hope THIS soon passes. (((hugs)))Pat

    1. Thanks Pat. {{{hugs}}} back at ya. Hope today was a better day for you!!


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