Compulsive hoarding is a mental disorder that is just beginning to be understood. As a hoarder, I have acquired things over the years with a specific purpose in mind at the time of the acquisition, used some of those items for their intended purposes, forgotten the goal for different objects, but now that I find that they have outlived their purpose in my life I am struggling to rid myself of those same things.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

It's all in the wrist.

I can hardly move tonight. I worked for several hours on the project I've got going for Bugster's birthday gift. The extra elbow grease resulted in a sprained wrist. but I completed one major aspect of the project, and I sort of thing it's worth it. 

I hoping the wrist splint and pain meds are enough that I'll hardly notice the pain in the morning. 

Unfortunately, typing hurts, so I'm already done. 

How's that for brevity?

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