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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

With an ending reminiscent of LOST

Imagine, if you will, that for the last six years, you've watched your favorite television show develop into something you could have never envisioned. You've watched actors come and go. You've watched love blossom between your favorite characters. You've watched as the plot thickens before the mystery is finally revealed. You've laughed. You've cried. You've gotten to know these characters, and you love them. They feel like a part of your family.

You've become emotionally invested in the program and it's characters.

Then betrayal hits. 

The producers of the show, in their infinite wisdom, decide a fate so cruel. You find out what you've been watching is only a dream. It didn't really happen. You get angry over them wasting your time. Wasting your emotional investment.

Welcome to our world...

Only in our world, it's a dream we can live with and we're thrilled with the outcome.

The reports finally came in on the blood tests.

The blood culture had apparently been contaminated somewhere along the line. Scooter does NOT have an infection roaming the hallowed halls of her little blood vessels.

Somewhere, between the needle prick on her arm that lead to that fateful phone call, and the lab, the blood culture was compromised. 

Our shoulders are carrying a much lighter load tonight, as Scooter is sleeping a sound sleep tonight without nurses interrupting to take vitals. Without beeping machines. Without tangled wires. Without fear.

She is still sick. She's still needing antibiotics and breathing treatments. She still has pneumonia.

But it's *just* pneumonia. 

It's funny how a parent can be relieved that their child has pneumonia, but considering the circumstances, we're beyond relieved. 

We're also a bit angry that Scooter had to endure big time, heavy duty antibiotics, when she didn't need to. That it cost us a couple of days of our lives. That it may cost us big bucks, if we have to pay the 10% deductible for the hospital stay. 

But mostly, we're just relieved. 

Above all, we're relieved to know that Scooter should be able to kick this pneumonia to the curb with the antibiotics she's on. That she was protected from ... well ... horrible things. And I'm thanking God that she's going to be fine.

We are beyond grateful that the hospital acted so quickly when they thought Scooter had a potentially deadly infection in her blood. They took it just as seriously as we did, and it's good to know that we can count on our local hospital to come through for us like that. The doctors were all absolutely incredible, and again, we're thankful.

We're eternally grateful to friends and family who have been there, praying for us, and for emotional support that helped us through this in ways they can't fathom. Thank you!

And lastly, we're so very thankful for our very comfortable beds to snuggle in tonight, and for soft pillows on which to lay our heads.

We are indeed blessed.

And we are so incredibly, incredibly thankful!


  1. Such GOOD news!! blessings blessings blessings

  2. Yay! Hope she is feeling better soon and life can get back to normal for ya!

  3. The whole being thankful she *just* has pneumonia? I totally get that. When you're freaking out about even worse scenarios, you'll take anything that's even a little bit better, a little bit more hopeful. I'm so happy to hear she's going to be OK! Yayyyyy!!

  4. What a fantastic turn of events! The best part - besides 'just' pneumonia - is being back in your own beds.

    Great news!



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