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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday. Monday. So good to me.

At least I'm really hoping it will be. 

Monday is hopefully Hopper's last visit to the orthopedic surgeon. If he releases her to full weight bearing status on Monday, it will make things so much easier around here.

It will end the need for a wheelchair, the wheelchair ramp, the shower transfer bench, possibly the walker and best of will end the need for the dreaded bedside commode!

Don't get me wrong. They've all served their purpose, and we're very, very grateful to have had access to each and every one of them. However, at this point, we are more than ready to be rid of all of them!

Hopper has been confined to the living room, dining room and the Scooter's bedroom. The main bathroom would have been available for her to use, except that we tore it apart back in April. We were hoping to get the shower, toilet, and floor redone before Bugster & Bubster's wedding in July. Guess what we didn't get finished before Hopper broke her leg?

The result of us not finishing the remodeling project has been multiple trips up and down the stairs with the commode bucket every day since she's been home. 

Lest one wonder, it's been just as fun as it sounds.

Another fun result of not having finished the bathroom remodel is the adventure that is getting her down the stairs to the shower. The wheelchair doesn't fit past the edge of the cabinet in the kitchen, so at this point in the journey, she uses the walker until she gets to the top of the stairs where she sits on her behind for the trek down. While we hold her left foot up, so she doesn't put any weight on it, she scoots down the flight of stairs. When she reaches the bottom, she uses the walker once again to get into the bathroom and onto the transfer bench in the shower.

We reverse the process to get her back upstairs and back into her wheelchair. It isn't nearly as physical a process for us as it was when she first got home from the hospital. She's able to help hold her weight more than she could then, but it's still exhausting.

To say it's been a bit disruptive to the norm of our everyday lives is an understatement, and we're all ready for things to get back to normal around here. 

Whatever *normal* is.


  1. Hoping for the best! Sometimes things just don't happen the way we hoped they would. Take deep breaths and just do what you can.

  2. I hope the news from the doctor was good and that all the exhausting care will soon be a thing in the distant past!!

    We only have one bathroom. Sometimes, it's a real pain.

  3. Hoping for good news from the doctor, normal, or regular routine , all sounds good about now I suspect

  4. Yes that is brutal I hope all is back to your *normal*.

  5. Aw, that sounds awful! I'm glad things are coming to a close. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that Monday brings good news! :-)

  6. Me again! Just wanted to let you know, I've passed my Liebster Blog Award on to... you! If you're interested, you can come on over to my website and pick 'er up. If not, though, that's fine, too. Either way, congrats! :-)

  7. That sounds exhausting! Is Hopper your daughter? I can only imagine how ready you all are to be rid of all of those extra things. I know you are grateful for them, but still!

    BTW, thanks for sharing my grocery store sampling lady with your friend. She deserves some praise! :)

  8. Hope it all turned out well and you could throw those things to the wind... so to speak!


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