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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


After 8 weeks of our furniture and doorways losing several layers of paint due to the erratic driving, meltdowns due to frustration from everyone in the family at one point or the other and walking single file and sideways to get around in the house, Hopper is finally out of the wheelchair! We are thrilled!

Hopper is finally back in her bedroom downstairs, and I can't get over how quiet the house seems now. Then again, every night for the last 3 week or so, Hopper would wake Scooter up from a dead sleep to tell her, "Go sleep!" She'd alternate telling Scooter to go to sleep and telling her how to sleep by waking her up to tell her to turn "This way!" And while it's funny in theory, it's exhausting for everyone. Nobody seems to be able to drift into a restful sleep, no matter how hard they try. 

So we are indeed very glad that she is out of the wheelchair!

Being out of the wheelchair means she can navigate to the bathroom to use the facilities and to shower as well, so it also means we no longer need the shower chair or the bedside commode. After 8 weeks of emptying the commode several times a day, I selfishly have to admit that other than Hopper healing so well, getting rid of that nasty thing is my favorite outcome to date!

Hopper is back in her bedroom, but we've been so busy with school starting up and doctors appointments and the like that I hadn't had the time to get Scooter's bedroom put back in place. Granted, the room was only Hopper-free a couple of days before I got to it, but it was bothering me. I finished it up yesterday. I got everything dusted, the trundle put back under her bed, and even vacuumed all her stuffed animals while I had the vacuum out. 

I got the antique secretary we keep at the end of the hallway put back in its place and moved the rest of her furniture where it belonged. It's amazing how much room a trundle takes up when a room is so small and there's furniture in there! It looked so much better, and I knew Scooter would feel so much better sleeping in her own pretty little bedroom again, but I realized we'd taken her chair down to Hopper's bedroom to make room for the wheelchair when she was convalescing. It still needed to come upstairs.

Foolishly, I decided I couldn't wait. Chalk it up to the OCD...

The chair has a storage compartment in the seat and is a cute little thing, but it's a bit too heavy for my sore back. So I was careful and rested the chair on each step as I came upstairs. I was then able to just push it along the floor til I got to Scooter's bedroom, and my back was doing fine. But then I couldn't get it in the doorway. Instead of just moving the antiques secretary to the side, I lifted the chair over it to get it into the bedroom.

Did I mention I was foolish?

I've had major numbness in my left leg today. Last night, the numbness was in the right. So I definitely tweaked the bulging discs in my lower back when I lifted it. The good news is that Scooter's bedroom is completely clean, looks pretty, and is a peaceful place for her to sleep. The direct result of which is that all of us get more restful sleep. The bad news is that I can't feel my left foot.

Oh well.  I don't have anything special coming up that requires me to feel my left foot, so I guess I don't really need to feel it, anyway. I'll be spending the next several days with my best friend.

I may have mentioned her before....

I affectionately call her "Hot Stuff".

No! Not her

I'm talking about my favorite heating pad. 

Sheesh! Who did you think I was talking about?


  1. Sit. Stay. Stop it.

    Hope you're better soon.

  2. Oh, my goodness - you moving Scooter's chair after doing all the rest of it? That is SO me! Once I get started on a job, the job gets did, no waiting around! Lol... I hope your foot is feeling better, and I'm happy to hear that life is getting back to normal.

    Enjoy your time with "Hot Stuff"... *giggle*

  3. Ouch! I see you work on the theory,"it is not too heavy ,just try a little harder"
    Hope you feel better soon the above theory IS BAD! Gald Hopper is healing well and things are getting set to rights

  4. Ami-Sat. Stayed. Stopped. Better. :)

    Crystal-exactly! I get so impatient! There's just something about knowing the job is entirely finished, and in that moment I needed that satisfaction more than I needed my back whole at that point.

    Fern, I'm finding that theory only works in theory. :) I'm learning! I'm learning! :)


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