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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Brrr My nose hairs are frozen together.

So. The furnace went out tonight. 

Thankfully, it's only going to be in the single digits tonight, instead of below zero, but it's still going to be cold.

Got the radiator-style space heaters set up throughout the house. Hoping they're enough until we can get someone out here to look at the furnace. Hoping they don't ask an arm and a leg for after hours fees for someone to take a look at it tomorrow.

And we're really hoping the electricity stays on all night tonight. 


  1. Brrrrrrrrrrr! Bundle up!

    And here in Texas I had the guy out last week because my AC wasn't cooling. It is dropping into the 40s this weekend though.

  2. yikes! that happened to me during our cold snap ! only a few hours but NASTY thank goodness for the wood stove

  3. WOW! THAT COLD now..... Hope you get heat soon m/f. (((hugs)))Pat


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