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Monday, April 9, 2012

First comes love...

Hoping y'all had a Blessed and Happy Easter!

Ours was nice, but it did not seem at all like Easter. It's nearly impossible for me to go to church with the girls by myself, and due to hubby's work schedule, it's even closer to impossible for him to go with us. So we don't go, and I really miss church. I'm hoping to get back again someday.

Bugster, Bubster and Frank came over for Easter. We celebrated Bugster's birthday, too, since we weren't feeling well last weekend. She wanted Chinese food from our favorite Chinese restaurant for her birthday meal, so we didn't have the traditional Easter meal we usually have. Did I mention it didn't seem like Easter? Still. It was a good day.

We gave her the birthday gifts I've been working on, even though I'm not finished with them yet. They ended up being much more labor and time intensive than I thought they'd be, but it's been worth it.

I covered a huge candy box that would fit a small blanket or a thick sweater with pretty paper and embellishments. We also got her an antique camel back steamer trunk, (the kind with the humped lid), and decorated it to match the box. Well. I'm still decorating it, actually. I still have to finish covering the top and one side and to line the inside of it. I took some pictures, but they're sort of blurry, so I won't post pictures until I get better pictures and finish decorating it. 

Bugster's favorite movie ever is Ever After with Drew Barrymore. It's a retelling of Cinderella in a way it could have really happened, and it's adorable. In the movie, Drew's character, Danielle, or Cinder Soot as her step sister calls her, has a trunk in which her mother's dress and glass slippers are stored. Bugster said that the first time she saw it, she knew she wanted to have a special trunk to store her wedding dress after she got married. 

She has the married thing down, so...


  1. what a wonderful gift! Sounds like a nice time, but I know what you mean about going to Church at Easter or any time, such a feeling of peace and comfort


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