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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Not much to report.

The anxiety meds are doing their job, and I'm feeling much less anxious and better able to cope with all that's going on.

However, we've been sick with the crud, which has kept my progress at, well, under ideal. I'm not sure, if this is the flu or not. We've been totally exhausted. Absolutely no energy at all makes it more than difficult to accomplish a single thing. We haven't had high fevers, but we have been feverish. Then again, we didn't get high fevers when we had the swine flu a couple years ago, either. :::shrug::: It's enough that we're miserable. I guess we don't need a name for it. 





To top things off, my extended family has been going through an awfully lot lately, and my heart hurts for all of them.

In the last 6 weeks or so a sister in law lost both her parents, a niece lost a pregnancy, 2 different cousins lost their husbands, and a brother in law lost his brother. And while none of it directly affected me, thoughts for my loved ones weigh heavy.

We've been a bit nervous for Bugster. She quit her job a few weeks ago, because her paychecks were bouncing. Job + bouncing payroll checks is not a good combination. One employee was behind 4 paychecks. Another was behind 6. I just can't imagine working for 8 and 12 weeks without pay. Bugster stayed longer and more loyal than either Hubster or I would have, but she's just can't stand the thought of someone else being put in a bind. We're glad she's out of there, but we can't help but worry for the kids a bit. It's a parent's job, right?

I did get back in touch with a friend I'd lost touch with about 8 years ago. It was wonderful getting caught up, but she's had it really rough. Just a lot of family problems in that period of time, including losing her fiance just weeks before their wedding. My friend doesn't have computer skills and is totally intimidated by them, so she took his daughter's word for it that her fiance had died out of state. Except that he hadn't. He's alive.

I would want to know under the same circumstances. And I would want a friend to tell me, rather than finding out from someone else, so I felt like I had to say something. It was one of the most difficult calls I've ever had to make, and I hope I never had to break news like that again. As hard as it was to hear, my friend was thankful I cared enough to tell her. I just hope she heals quickly. 

I debated long and hard before telling her. I polled a few friends and family about whether or not they would want to know. Everyone I asked said they would want to know, if they were in her shoes, but some would not have told her to spare her feelings. How about you? Would you have wanted to know?

On a different note I've made a little bit of progress. I've finally frozen all but the last cookie sheet of tomatoes. I'm just waiting for them to ripen, although I may try my hand at fried green tomatoes. I haven't had the energy to try them just yet. At this point, they'll just be fried green tomato chips, since the tomatoes that are left are just tiny. Still. They'd probably be good along with some fried zucchini as a snack or on spaghetti. 

No word yet on the guardianship front. I'll be calling the attorney this week to see where we are in the process. 

And once again I'm so very thankful for the anxiety meds, since just writing the above sentence made my stomach start with the flips again. 

Have I mentioned we're ready for 2012 to make its entrance?


  1. GR8 Balls Of Fire !
    When it rains...IT POURS!

    You mean your lost friend was JILTED practically at the alter???
    Damn tootin, I'd want to know so I could send him a Sympathy Card.

  2. good grief! Yup I would want to know, and better to hear it form a friend than by accident somehow


    Really, your friend is better off. Who would want to be married to a man who would fake his own death rather than be married?

    What a wuss.

    So glad the meds are working for you. :)

  4. The story about the friend and fiance got my goat! Who in the world would ever do such a thing? And kudos to you for telling her. That's a sign of strength on your part and care for her.

    I have been wondering about you and was going to comment on your last blog to see how you are doing. I hope the crud goes away soon.

    Take care and I am so glad your anxiety has been getting under control. That can help immensely.

  5. Wow I just stopped by to catch up and that was quite the post I hope your all feeling healthy soon - it reminds me I need to get my kids to the doctor for the flu shot very soon. That is way too much family issues I can't blame you for loosing sleep over all that and your friend I can't even image dear god. Things have been very busy with my gang but good. Ashley is becoming famous she is a star.

  6. Let me guess, you found him on facebook? What a creep! I would want to know.... What a nice, good friend you are!

  7. Oh and I would be a WREAK without my anxiety meds. Happy they are working for you!!

  8. My thoughts are with you and family.

    Roll on 2012!!


  9. Whew, girl...ya sure know how to pack a post!!!

    Who leaves the love of their life hangin' like that!!! Sure shootin' I'd want to know.

    Sounds like your plates been filled, heaped and spillin' over sweetie.

    Know my prayers are with ya on all fronts.

    I just popped in to wish you and your family a wonderfully blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving.

    God bless and enjoy the day tomorrow.

    BTW: place...ya'll come!!! :o)


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