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Monday, June 20, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Woke up from a nightmare this morning. Heart racing. Palms sweating.

We were apparently staying with the in-laws, but they decided in the middle of our stay to go out of town, and we had the house to ourselves. I got out of the hot tub (they don't have one, so I'm thinking that came in to the picture from the stiffness in my body over the weekend), and went into the kitchen to fix something for everyone to eat, but when I went in there, I couldn't believe the mess.

The dishes were piled high everywhere. There was trash that hadn't been thrown in the garbage can and was sitting precariously perched here and there. My heart sunk. I walked through the other rooms of the house, and I couldn't believe what a mess it was. There were clothes strewn everywhere. There floor was covered. I couldn't even find the swimsuit I'd taken off when I got out of the hot tub for the clutter.

My heart sank. 

It was then I realized we'd been in town for several days and hadn't even taken the time to visit my brother, and we had to leave in the next few days. I woke up to the realization that it was going to take at least 2 full days of cleaning to get the house in order. 

What a rough way to wake up. I've got a knot in the pit of my stomach. I am sure the stress of not being able to accomplish much of anything since we got home a little over 2 weeks ago. I am motivated, however, to kick some major butt today in the house!

We woke up Saturday morning feeling much better, and we were able to meet Bugster to go wedding dress shopping. She looked amazing! We were also able to find something for Hopper and me to wear to the wedding. We've had Scooter's outfit for over a year, but I'd been stressing over the rest of us. Hopper hates dressing up even more than her dad, which says a lot, but we settled on a colorful ankle-length broomstick skirt and blouse that matched one of the colors. She was happy with it, and because she sees Scooter wear skirts like that all the time, we figured she'd be comfortable wearing it. 

What a relief!

Seriously! A huge relief! Things will go so much more smoothly, if Hopper is comfortable in what she's wearing and doesn't freak out. She wore a shorter skirt when we took Hubster out yesterday for Father's Day, and she freaked a little. She doesn't like the attention that wearing new clothes brings, so it was a rough start to an otherwise great day out, and by the time we were halfway through dinner, she was talking about how cute her outfit was. It was worth getting the stress out of the way now, even though it did put a bit of a damper on the celebration to start.

We were able to pick up a pair of black jeans the hubby will be wearing for the wedding and got them washed and hung to dry, so they don't fade. He won't take any chances by wearing them before the big day. We still have to find a dress shirt for Hubster and get some shoes for us girls, but otherwise we're set. I am so relieved! It's weighed on my mind a lot, and it's just one more big thing off The List.

Another big one marked off? I finally finished the paperwork that had me so stressed out since we got home from vacation. It was dropped in the mailbox at the post office last night. Thankfully, it's just being mailed here in town, so it shouldn't take long for it to get there, and hopefully everything will get straightened out in short order.

I've got entirely too much to do, but I'm hoping I get enough done today I'm not dreaming stressful dreams about the inlaws and the house again. 

I'll be starting in the refrigerator. Found out the hard way that it's not a good idea to lay an opened bottle of sparkling apple cider on it's side, even if the cap is back on as tight as it will go. 



  1. Oh man what a mess! And the nightmare! Tells you a lot about your in-laws right there!

    Hugs to you!

  2. Sucks about the nightmare, but at least things got better

  3. Are you able to make sense of your dreams, i.e. what they "mean"? I never can and I've always thought it would really help. Anyway nightmares suck whether you know the meaning or not. Glad things are coming together for the wedding.

  4. Hooray for the clothes!! BOO for nightmares!! I think finding shoes is always the hardest part, but that's just me, I hate shopping....

  5. Actually, I know how each part of the dream relates to reality...

    When we went to my nephew's wedding a few weeks ago, we'd planned on driving back home to see everyone. My inlaws were going to be out of town, which was a bit of a welcome relief, so that explains why they were going to be out of town in the dream.

    We were going to be staying at Mom's, but she didn't know, if she'd be home from the wedding before we got there, so I'm sure that's another reason why in the dream we were staying at one of our parents' homes without them being there.

    We really missed out on seeing family by bypassing our hometown on this trip, so I'm positive that's why I felt so horrible for not getting to see my brother in the dream.

    And my house currently looks like it threw up, so I'm sure that's why their house was such a mess in my dreams. With everyone having been sick since we got home (until this weekend, when we apparently finally got the bug out of our systems) and the paperwork issue I was working on, there's been very little housecleaning done. In fact, it looks like the house has had a stomach bug of it's own and has thrown up it's contents pretty much every where.

    And I'm very much stressed about the inlaws coming over and only seeing what we don't have done rather than how far we've come since they were here last. So I'm sure that's why I dreamed such a stressful dream in the first place. I'm sure stress is going to pretty much rule the time from now until the wedding. Even woke up with a big ol' cold sore this morning, as if I didn't already know I was stressed. LOL

    As far as actually analyzing my dreams...I don't. But this one was pretty easy to figure out for me. :)


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