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Sunday, March 13, 2011

One more week...

and I'll be back. Mom goes home next weekend. We thought she would be leaving yesterday, but we were fortunate enough to have her one more week. We're making good use of the extra week, and we've made huge progress. My back and every fiber in my body can attest to it.

Mom has been helping me get things as ready as possible for this summer when Bugster and Bubster have their official wedding ceremony. We're hoping to have out of town company come and stay with us, and Mom knows how much pressure I've put on myself to get things presentable. I just want things to look good enough that I feel comfortable when company arrives.

We have one more major project to tackle before Mom goes home. The dreaded study. It's the paperwork hub of the house, and it is nothing short of a disaster. There is far more in the study than just paperwork, and it's going to take some major sorting to get through it and make it presentable. 

There are other things that we'd love to get done, but I'm okay, if we don't get to them. I'd rather get the study finished than anything else. Mom would also like to help me get the craft area downstairs sorted, but I can do a lot of that on my own once she goes home.

Yesterday, we worked on the living room. It's the only room we've worked on so far that has only taken one day to do. It's because it was in the best shape so far, because The Hubster and I had gotten it finished up before Mom got here. It's amazing how roomy and cozy it looks this way. We're quite pleased with it, but the muscles are still protesting this morning from moving furniture.

The Hubster went in last Monday an epidural steroid injection in his lower back. He's had mixed results. For the first few days after the procedure, he was in even more pain than he was before he got it done. Unfortunately, that can happen. Thankfully, though, it is starting to work, and he's more comfortable than he's been since he hurt his back almost 2 months ago. He's going to go in for another injection in a couple of weeks. The doctor seems to think that having 2 injections in such a short order tends to work better than waiting to get the second one after the intense pain kicks up again. We're hoping it works.

We're heading over to Bugster and Buster's house in a little bit. Frank is going to be playing the guitar we all got him for his birthday, so he can show us what he's got. We're looking forward to it. We won't be over there very late. It's going to be hard enough to get the girls up in the morning and get them ready for school with the time change. They'll be going to bed as soon as we get back home. 

That's about it for now. 

I'll see y'all soon!


  1. Glad to see your post!! Amazing how your surgery turned into a blessing in disguise.

    I know you are going to miss your mom!

  2. Ugh, paperwork, if I had my way iot would all be up in flames. I HATE IT!

  3. Just bought an industrial shredder.
    I have named it Brutus.

    Glad you have your mom another week, but I know she'll be glad to be home finally, too.

    And so happy to 'hear' from you.

    Miss ya.

  4. My shredder is my best friend. I have five bags of things to shred, and I'm sure there is even more lurking in my bedroom. Paperwork has really piled up around here.


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