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Friday, April 29, 2011

How sad.

While going through paperwork yesterday, I found the business card of the geneticist who was so rude to us after the amniocentesis that confirmed Scooter would have the genetic anomaly her sister had. She was highly offended and accused us of wasting the government's money, because we hadn't considered abortion an option, if we found out Scooter was going to have the same chromosome rearrangement her sister had.

I was curious as to whether there were complaints lodged against this doctor by patients, so I googled her name. I found out she died in 2005 of a brain tumor that was cancerous.  

I just feel sorry for her family. How torturous for her 3 sons and her husband to watch her succumb to something so heinous. And for her parents to lose their daughter. 

I found that her father died just 3 years after she did. He was 77. She was listed in the obituary, along with 2 brothers, as having preceded him in death. It made me wonder, if maybe the brothers were why she went into genetics in the first place. Perhaps they had some sort of genetic disorder that resulted in their death, and she went into the medical field to try and find an answer to keep it from happening again. The information I read concerning the brain cancer was that it occurred more readily alongside certain genetic conditions. 

Maybe this was all on her mind that day in 1993 when we saw her after the amniocentesis. Maybe she felt an urgency to find answers to try and stop whatever it was that killed her brothers. Maybe she was trying to find a cure, so she could save her own sons from this terrible thing.

I'm not sure what happened. 

I just know my heart breaks for her family.


  1. So sad. And it seems, we'll never know.

  2. You have so much compassion. I confess that I would not be so kind, I'd still be pissed over her attitude.


  3. You should turn your blog into a book, Judy. Your story is absolutely fascinating. Keep on going, and good luck to you!

  4. What a lovely lady you are, such compassion for someone you didn't know and for someone who was unkind. You are an inspiration

  5. You really are a very kind person. Something made that woman the way she was, and you might just have figured it out.

    I agree that you should consider turning your blog into a book. It's fascinating and very inspiring.

    Thank you for sharing your story.


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